Watching: ‘Floribama Shore’.

I know I’m probably one of ten people still watching reruns of “Jersey Shore”… so, when MTV announced an answer to our prayers for new material, I was pretty excited! That answer is none other than “Floribama Shore”. “Floribama Shore” is supposed to be similar to “Jersey Shore” in that cast members are filling up […]


‘Siesta Key’: Episode 9.

Whoop! We’re another episode into this (assumingly) fictional drama. The TV guide, and my DVR showed no title for this episode, which was really disheartening. Come on, MTV! Anyway, let’s get into it! Right off the bat, Juliett and Kelsey are going at it since Juliett took it upon herself about Kelsey and Alex hooking […]


Throwback dating shows.

When I was in middle school, I remember watching lots of dating shows on TV. These shows weren’t quite like the ones on now, these were more like game shows… you know, “Bachelor number one, what is your dream date?!?” Bzzz! One of my favorites was a show called Bzzz! While I loved it, apparently not […]