TV Shows Premiering in May 2021.

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a TV junkie. I still have cable (and lots of it) — I’ve dabbled in streaming — but a lot of the shows I like to watch are on Bravo and MTV.

I had a friend years ago that used to laugh at me for it, but now you know why we’re not friends. Ha!

But, I recently started noticing that every single teaser for a show premier had a start date in May and well, there’s a TON of shows that are about to begin!

So, I created a list of the ones I’m looking forward to watching. Yes, this list is supposed to be beneficial to you, dear readers, but also, I needed a way to keep track of what’s coming up.

Warning: this show is full of trash TV. Do not come for me.

Catfish | MTV

“Catfish” is back with season 10 (I think) and we’re still in the quarantine episodes, which I enjoy. Of course, you don’t get the houses that have creepy windows and 5 doors, and there’s no shock value of a random garage door opening to reveal the catfish, but the Zoom reveal is surprisingly suspenseful. This season has Nev and Kamie on the hunt for liars, porn stars, and anyone hiding behind a computer and well, I’m prettyyyyy pumped for it!

Premier Date: Tuesday, May 4 @ 9 pm EST

Million Dollar Listing New York | Bravo

Season 9 is here and we still get the eye candy — Steve Gold — and there’s finally a female broker in the cast, Kirsten. Of course, there’s lots of fabulous real estate and lots of big deals being made, including Marc Jacobs’ home. But I’m really curious to see how this season covers COVID and the lockdown.

Premier Date: Thursday, May 6 @ 9 pm EST

Pose | FX

The category is: the final season. I’m so sad “Pose” is leaving us after season 3, because season 2 was SO good. From the looks of it, this season will bring some ups and downs, including changes in the ball scene and the AIDS epidemic hits close to home. I’m excited to see what happens to these beloved characters, and of course, I’m ready for the fashion and the music. 5, 6, 7, 8…

Premier Date: Sunday, May 2 @ 10 pm EST

Shahs of Sunset | Bravo

“Shahs of Sunset” is one of Bravo’s most-underrated shows. You get a group of friends that have known each other for many years prior to filming, there’s glam, and new culture. We’re going into season 9 with the rift between MJ and Reza. And… Golnessa is a mom! The season looks so good, and I’m excited to see the turns it takes.

Premier Date: Sunday, May 16 @ 8 pm EST

Siesta Key | MTV

How in the hell are we being #Blessed with a season 4 of “Siesta Key”? At the end of every season, I think, well that was fun… but it’s back! From the looks of the trailer, Juliette is still dating Sam (cue the yachts and private jets), Kelsea is creating a swimwear line (and so is Juliette), Chloe wants to leave the show, and Cara is questioning her relationship with Ish. MTV knows what it’s doing here, and they’re putting it back-to-back with “The Hills.”

Premier Date: Wednesday, May 12 @ 8 pm EST

The Hills New Beginnings | MTV

Okay… I honestly wasn’t sure this was going to get a second season, but here we are. It’s certainly not as good as the original show, but I’ll take what I can get. The trailer for season 2 gave us some real tea, including tidbits on Brody’s split (which was apparent at the end of season 1), Jason’s sobriety is in question, Audrina is dating again, Justin Bobby says he’s ready to settle down (huh?), Heidi and Spencer are discussing having more children, and of course, the return of Kristin Cavallari. APPLAUSE. Well done, MTV, well done.

Premier Date: Wednesday, May 12 @ 9 pm EST

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills |Bravo

IT’S HERE. Season 11. We have all been on pins and needles wanting to see Erika, we want to know what happened with Tom, how did the marriage crumble… and most of all, DID. SHE. KNOW??? I have been following the legal stuff against Tom Girardi from the time we saw those text messages on Instagram, and I’m shocked at how much Erika mentions about it, even from the trailer. On top of that, we’re getting the diamonds, the luxury trips, the massive homes… everything we expect from the Beverly Hills ladies. And… we get Kathy Hilton.

Premier Date: Wednesday, May 19 @ 8 pm CST

The Real Housewives of New York City | Bravo

It’s season 13 (!) Ramona and Luann are still here, but we’ve got a new housewife in town, and she’s here to tell the ladies how awful they are — ha! From the trailer, it looks like complete chaos, which isn’t unusual for this cast. There’s not one moment that stands out, and honestly, it doesn’t look as good as the early seasons, but I’m not going to stop watching now!

Premier Date: Tuesday, May 4 @ 9 pm EST

The Story of Late Night | CNN

I’m a sucker for a docuseries, and CNN knows how to do them. I’ve watched their series on the royal family, first ladies, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington… and now, it’s “The Story of Late Night.” The docuseries covers memorable moments of late night over the last 60 years, and includes familiar voices from the industry. Watch the trailer.

Premier Date: Sunday, May 2 @ 9 pm EST

United Shades of America with Kumau Bell | CNN

This is the sixth season of the show. The premise is that comedian Kumau Bell visits different parts of the country and has conversations about political topics. Typically, each episode focuses on one topic and Bell talks to people that have different opinions on it. The previous seasons have been really interesting — I *think* they’re available on Hulu — and I’m looking forward to watching this one. Watch the season 6 trailer.

Premier Date: Sunday, May 2 @ 10 pm EST

…And those are the shows I’m excited to watch! Are there ones you’re looking forward to? New ones I should watch? Let me know!

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  1. Liz

    The second season of The Circle premiered this month. I’m obsessed! I love all of the Bravo reality shows, but I only ever seem to watch them when there’s a marathon. I keep meaning to start them from the beginning so I can watch the current seasons, but I always forget. Maybe this is my wakeup call to do so lol.

    1. thebitterlemon

      I’ve heard so many people talking about “The Circle” — it sounds really interesting! During the holidays, I started watching “Vanderpump Rules” from episode one… I watch it in real-time but going back to season 1 was a joy. I always watching “Southern Charm” marathons no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes… I’m obsessed!

      1. Liz

        I love Vanderpump Rules! I think I’ve only seen the first season fully, but I watch newer episodes if they happen to be on while watching TV. I also like Chrisley Knows Best and I’ve learned from quarantine that there’s always a marathon for that show, South Park, and Friends lol.

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