‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘I Would Rather Be Anywhere But Here Right Now’.

We are getting down to the last few episodes of this show! I am really curious to see where this goes – is Lindsay going to have a staff at the end of this? Will there be a season two?

Well, let’s see what happens in this episode!

The episode kicks off with Sara getting the rest of her stuff out of Brent’s room and the roommates think that THIS TIME is going to stick, and they won’t get back together.

In last week’s episode, the guys in the house met with Panos to tell him about Brent… but we will see if anything comes of that.

When the work day gets started, Panos assigns Mike, Gabi, and Aristotle to the VIP cabana and he tells them that Lindsay has chartered a yacht for everyone the following day. This is supposed to help them bond as a team.

The group does well at the cabana, but Panos is heavily observing Alex and doesn’t think he has much of a personality. Hmm…

The next day is yacht day and Sara is determined not to fall victim to Brent’s attempts to get her attention.

While on the yacht, Alex says (in his confessional) that he’s a quiet person and really private, and he’s not sure if working for the Lohan brand is right for him.

Everyone is drinking, jumping off the boat, swimming in the ocean… except Brent. He says he’s isolating himself because he’s emotionally drained, but really I think he can tell that everyone hates him.

Billy and Sara get to talking and she doesn’t come out and say she likes Billy, but it’s pretty obvious. They are talking about “when they get home” again, and it’s leading to something sooner rather than later.

Some of the guys talk to Brent and he says he’s starting to realize him and Sara might be done. Umm… MIGHT?! Come on, bro!

While everyone is sitting around, Billy kisses Sara right in front of Brent, and everyone cheers (except Brent). I’m actually shocked he didn’t throw them both overboard.

Instead, he locks himself into one of the bunks. Jonitta goes and talks to him. He gives her a pity party saying Sara played him and it’s disrespectful that she can’t wait five days until they all go home.

Then he flips the story to say Sara isn’t respecting herself since she slept with him just a few nights ago and now she’s already with another guy. Brent tells a producer on board that he wants to pack and leave as soon as the boat docks.

When they get back to the villa, Brent beelines it to his room and packs his things. The producer sits down with Brent and seems to talk him off a ledge, and he calls his mom and tells her what happened with Sara.

Panos gets word of what’s happening and calls Lindsay. She is frustrated with Billy, but thinks the whole situation is ridiculous. So, Panos goes to the villa and tries to get everyone together and see what really is going on.

The group tries to explain their frustration with Brent but he’s not having it. At the end of the conversation, Panos tells the group they are only keeping four staff members.

Aaaaaaand that’s the end of the episode, of course! We’ll just have to see if Brent makes the cut…

Please note that I’ll be on vacation during next week’s episode of “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club”, but will do a double recap after the season final on March 26.

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