Notes: ‘The Hills’ & ‘Famously Single’.

Whew! Last night was INSANE in terms of TV to watch: there was the 10th Anniversary of “The Hills”, celebrated by an MTV Special, “That was Then, This is Now”, followed by the season finale of “Famously Single”, and don’t even get me started on Part 1 of the reunion for “Shahs of Sunset”!

But, let’s touch on “The Hills” first.

So, basically I was looking forward to this for a week. And if you follow me on SnapChat (@OrangeJulius7), you know that I catered my look to honor the Cali-style we all love from “The Hills”, and I was pretty much singing Natasha Beddingfield for days.

The special starred Lauren Conrad, because of course it did, and we also got to see her parents (which clearly have not aged a day since we saw them on “Laguna Beach”), and her husband, William Tell.

So, my notes on the Special:

  • The first section of it felt like a giant pity party for Lauren; that she didn’t really enjoy filming, and that she doesn’t watch the episodes now because it was not a happy time in her life.
  • It was less of a special about “The Hills” and more about Lauren’s life now: her clothing line at Kohl’s, her contemporary fashion line, and The Little Market.
  • …Which, I’d say most people already know all of that unless they live under a rock.
  • She said a lot of “The Hills” was produced and planned, including her relationship with Brody Jenner and her job at “Teen Vogue”.
  • Lauren still wears liquid eyeliner, with wings, and her life is still pretty much perfect.

They didn’t really show anything that was “secret footage” – aside from a short scene where Jason was obviously wasted at 10am. But how much could they really show? It’s been a minute since I watched a show on MTV, and I was quickly reminded that an hour show could be watched in 25 minutes without commercials.

So, I could have continued to live my life without that Special, and I’ll continue to watch reruns of “The Hills”, whether Lauren Conrad likes it or not!

Now, onto E! where I watched “Famously Single”…

The “Famously Single” finale kicks off with a recap of the season and a tiny preview of what we’re about to see in the episode… which looks pretty juicy.

The girls have a girls night, and go out for drinks. Aubrey admits that her and Pauly slept together, many times, and she also says he has his penis pierced (which is something he revealed on “Jersey Shore”), and I can’t help but wonder how that works with a condom?

The girls start talking about Brandi and Callum and she’s still riding the train that she can’t trust him, but it doesn’t matter because they’re not in a relationship. *Rolls eyes* – Bloop! On to the next.

Willis gets brought up, and Jessica tells the girls that he kissed her earlier that day. She said it was a great kiss – and Aubrey tells the camera that she thought she was going to have the “news of the night”. Jessica also admits Will kissed her at one of the parties they had earlier in the season.

The group goes out together that night, to celebrate the last night of the show. Callum and Brandi are off to the side, and he promises to stay in contact with her after the show, but she’s not buying it. The cast members were allowed to bring other friends to the bar, so everyone is introducing each other to their friends.

Callum gets upset when Brandi doesn’t introduce him to her friends as something more serious… le sigh. Aubrey’s friend take note of how happy she appears with Pauly, and Aubrey admits that Pauly isn’t ready to be her boyfriend, which upsets her.

Willis and Jessica get to talking and he asks her if they’re going to have a connection outside of the house – she assures him they will. But their conversation seems off – either they both like each other and are just nervous, or one person is more into it than the other. It’s hard telling.

Meanwhile, Callum starts ordering shots left and right… And him and Brandi start fighting, and things basically end with him storming off and hitting on Brandi’s friend. To make matters worse, he calls Brandi insecure. Aaaaaarrgghh.

Brandi tells Callum to go fuck himself, and he tells her to “stay single”. Klassy.

The cast members walk into their final group session with Dr. Darcy and each person talks about what they’ll be taking away from the experience. While everyone shares their positive experiences, Callum admits he still has demons to resolve.

The housemates leave, one by one, while Dr. Darcy gives a final assessment of each person, as a voiceover. In all honesty, it doesn’t seem like many of them have changed since they checked into the house, but I think that entire filming lasted 18 days, according to Willis.

Before the show ends, Dr. Darcy checks in with each person six months after filming wrapped. She visits Brandi first, and Brandi says she invited Callum to have Thanksgiving with her, and it was awful. She says she has been going on dates, and getting outside of her comfort zone. But, she is still single.

Next, is Aubrey and Pauly. In the clip, they are together, and Pauly says he is enjoying being in a relationship. He says the next step would be to move in together, and possibly talk marriage. Since that segment was filmed, the two have broken up and gotten back together, twice.

And I’ll leave it at that.

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