‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Crossing Lindsay’.

The longer this show is on, the more I wonder if it will have multiple seasons or just be a one-off.

But, let’s stick to the present, shall we? Last week’s episode was another firestorm, so I’m excited to see what this episode brings.

Things kick off with a staff meeting about the VIPs for the day. Panos picks Gabi, May, and Jules – these are all the people Lindsay and Panos said they were thinking of firing in the last episode – to work with the VIP.

This should get nasty.

Everyone else is supposed to head out and promote the club to bring in more clients.

The girls are working on the list of wants from the VIPs – sushi, a macaroon pyramid, manicures, massages, and wine from Southern France – and it’s going pretty crappy. Lindsay is watching all of this, and it’s not a good look.

Meanwhile, Alex gets a few days of PTO and takes Aristotle and Gabi to the mainland with him to visit his grandmother.

When the rest of the group goes out that night to promote the club, Mike is already saying he just wants to have fun. And then Lindsay shows up…

She sees that they are drinking and not promoting anything. And then Lindsay gives her speech again about how this is her name and reminds them all that she’s the boss.

Kailah is pissed and feels like it’s not clear what they’re supposed to be doing, but honestly the whole scene looks like a power trip.

The next morning, Kailah wants to tell Panos her issues at the staff meeting. She immediately goes off, but most of what she’s saying is about drama in the house. Panos isn’t really hearing it and assigns the host work the day’s VIPs.

Brent does his usual and basically ditches the VIP, leaving Sara to clean up the mess… but Panos noticed and I think she earned lots of respect.

In the Greek village, Aristotle and Gabi meet Alex’s grandmother and learn a lot about his family and Greek life. He tells them he can’t be his true self because his sexuality wouldn’t be accepted.

Back at the club, lots of drama goes down when the scheduled VIPs don’t show up and other beds begin to fill… yet all of the hosts are out recruiting.

May ends up getting fired right as the episode is ending, but from the preview for next week’s episode it is hard to tell if she actually leaves the villa… guess we will have to wait and find out!

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