Am I the only one still watching ‘Real World’?

MTV's Real World cast, season 31.
MTV’s Real World cast, season 31.

Did you even KNOW that yes, there is a season of “The Real World” on MTV right now? It’s been on for a few weeks, and I’m pretty much hooked (is anyone shocked)?

A few years ago, my friends and I were at Hangout Fest, and MTV was there. One girl said, “Who still watches MTV?” My other friend looks at me… “Holly does.”

That’s right! And I don’t know if I’ll ever stop… there’s just too much good shit on there to turn my head. So, back to “The Real World”.

It’s season 31 – soak in how old that makes you feel! I will admit that I haven’t been as tuned in to probably the last…I don’t know, 10 or so seasons, probably because everyone on the show is about 21, and at some point, you get tired of watching spoiled bitches fuck up their lives.

But, leave it to MTV to find a new twist to get things interesting. So, season 31 is called “Go Big or Go Home”, because there are challenges throughout the season, and if one of the housemates does not complete the challenge, then they must leave, and are replaced by someone new.

These challenges are, of course, not just any challenges. They are based around each cast member’s ultimate fears – whether it be heights, water, adventure… they are all going to have to face them. So far, they’ve had to jump out of hot-air balloons, dress in drag, and on tonight’s episode, they’ll be catapulting into a pool.

It’s also worth noting that one of the cast members is adopted and MTV has hired an investigator to help her find her biological parents while she’s on the show. Pretty cool…

So, who’s going to watch it with me? It’s on Thursday nights. I’ll be there.

But while we’re on the subject, let’s look back and remember all of the awesome Real World moments we’ve lived through. Because where would we be without them?

  • Season 7, Seattle: When Stephen Slapped Irene. This was T H E S L A P. Irene is leaving the show early because of her Lyme disease, and as her and Stephen are walking out to her taxi, she tells him he’s “a homosexual”. Clearly this doesn’t go over well, because he throws her stuffed dog into the harbor, and then slaps her in the face. This is the stuff you cannot even write, folks.

  • Season 8, Hawaii: When Ruthie got wasted. We all remember Ruthie, because Ruthie came to par-taaaay. Like she was non-responsive, and throwing up in the shower as her roommates held her up, and then she had to get her stomach pumped.

  • Season 11, Chicago: When the cast finds out about 9/11. While I know this isn’t a fun moment to remember, “The Real World” was the first TV show of its kind, and we often forget that the people locked in the house have no real connection to things outside, aside from using the phone and personal email.

  • Season 9, New Orleans: When Melissa throws a chair. Melissa was the BEST member on the New Orleans season. She was fun, cute, and hilarious. But when you piss her off, watch yo-damn-self, fool!

What are some of your favorite moments on “The Real World”? Are you still watching it, and just too afraid to bring it up at the water cooler? Don’t be! Let’s talk about it!

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