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Hey, I got some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right.
Hey, I got some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right.

I’ve been on The Hunt for comfortable flats to wear to work since I started in retail three months ago. At my previous job, I spent lots of time in a chair, so wearing incredibly high heels was pretty easy. I only had two pair of flats in my closet.

Truth be told, I don’t really like wearing flats — they aren’t flattering on my feet, nor my stumpy legs, and let’s face it: I could use a few extra inches in the height department. But it’s impossible to work comfortably for 6-9 hour shifts wearing wedges (trust me, I’ve been doing it for awhile now).

So I was on the lookout for cute, fashionable, versatile, and extremely comfortable shoes to wear to work. And yes, I know, I work AT a shoe store, so how was this a difficult task? Well, there aren’t many flats where I work — mainly heels. And the flats we do have… I’m not sure they can withstand the pressure. Plus, even with the discount, they’re out of my budget.

My other dilemma? I don’t have loads to time to find these said perfect shoes. But alas! Friday, I was off work at 2pm for the day, and I faced the rainy, cold weather to shoe hunt at a few more stores. At store #1, I found tons of cute ones to try on, but for some reason I couldn’t find the right fit.

Instead, I found a new iPad case, a few fun beauty products, and some clearance coffee (I couldn’t resist). On to the next!

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

The next stop was Burlington Coat Factory. If you’re not regularly shopping here, you really need to hop to it. I’ve gotten a few fabulous coats there for under $50, and they always have a great selection of shoes and accessories for great prices.

It was there I found not one, but two, TWO, pairs of shoes to fit all of my needs. The first pair is very similar to some styles we’ve got in the store — black, lace-up boots (by Skechers). They look cool, conveniently zip up the side, and are super comfy. And because…. Daria.

The second pair are little lace-up faux suede oxford-style flats (by XOXO), complete with tiny rhinestones on the stitching. I purchased BOTH pair for under $50. That’s what I’m talking about!

I wore my new boots for a 6.5-hour shift on Saturday, and the oxford shoes during my 8-hour Sunday shift, and my feet were extremely comfortable (I used my gel insoles both days, of course).

It’s amazing how much better work can be when you’re not trying to avoid being on your feet (I do that whole lean-back-on-your-heels-type-thing that doesn’t really work). Something else that’s helped my feet? An invigorating foot mask by Spa Life, and massaging a little lavender lotion on them before bed. You’re welcome, tootsies.


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