‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Love, Loss and Lohan’.

I have a feeling we are nearing the end here with this show, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, but I’m not sure where it’s going… guess we’ll find out!

Let me jump right in to last night’s episode:

Everyone is immediately talking about how Gabi and Kyle have hooked up. As the hosts are heading to work, Brent is already talking shit about them hooking up.

They are having a dark moon Egyptian party, and Lindsay’s ex-fiancé is coming to the club. She says they’re still best friends.

Meanwhile Brent and Aristotle get into a little tiff while on the job, sending Aristotle storming off.

Word is getting around about Brent talking trash about Kyle and Gabi. Kyle heats this and isn’t happy. Tonight at the villa should be interesting…

In the villa where Lindsay and her ex are, there’s sage burning and what seems to be lots of flirting, but who knows.

The hosts are getting ready for the party, so they dress up, and meet up with Lindsay’s ex to talk about how things are going. Kyle low-key calls out Brent for being fake and Brent assumes Kyle is jealous of him.

Sara says her favorite part of this so far would be finding love… and she looks at Brent. UGH. Everyone in the circle is sort of sick of Brent and definitely don’t like him and Sara together.

The Ex has the group write a list of things they want to release. Once they do, they each get to burn their lists.

The next day, Sara finds out that Brent has been flirting with other girls and giving out his Instagram handle. Hmmm…

The hosts are allowed to invite anyone they want to a pool party at their villa to promote the club. They go out and invite as many people as possible, and Brent invites some of his friends from back home who are in town.

When they get back to the villa, Brent starts drinking. Heavily. He confronts Kyle about him and Gabi. Kyle tells him to stop spreading rumors.

Brent’s friends show up and the roommates immediately notice he’s not including Sara in his little party. Brent even gives his friends a tour of the villa but doesn’t mention that he shares a room with Sara.

Some of the other roommates jump in and mention to Brent’s friends that he has a girlfriend, a “wifey” and the friends all laugh and talk about how there’s no way Brent would keep a girlfriend back home.

When everyone gets back outside, Billy calls out Brent and says he’s not letting Sara get to know his friends… and Brent just stands there. Later, some of the roommates tell Sara that Brent is only interested in a Mykonos fling.

She announces that she’s single and Billy immediately starts flirting with her. The next morning, all of the guys meet with Panos and tell him they are fed up with Brent. At the villa, Sara tells Brent she’s not feeling him anymore.

In the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like Brent might finally get a taste of his own medicine…

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