Still happening: ‘Catfish’ & Nev.

Nev & Max, hotness duo, are baaaaack.
Nev & Max, hotness duo, are baaaaack.

Last week, MTV premiered season 5 of “Catfish” – the show we all know, and have subsequently turned into a verb. If you live under a rock, I’m not sure why you’d be seeking my blog for news and advice, but a Catfish is someone who lies about their identity and often fakes multiple relationships online.

An episode of Catfish details how Nev Schulman goes into detective-mode and sniffs out bullshit from states away, so by now, you’d think people would do the same (it’s a lot of Google image searching) if they’re in a “fishy” online relationship.

But, here’s the thing: the show is so good and mysterious, and Nev is super fine, and well, so is Max, so as long as people keep Catfishing each other, I am going to watch that shit.

If you’ve been watching “Catfish” each season, you might remember one season when Nev was pret-ty open about his girlfriend. I don’t think she’s in the picture anymore, as he mentioned he was single in an article last year, where he also said he still is not online dating. Smart man.

And just in case you weren’t sure, the term “Catfishing” comes straight from the movie “Catfish”, where it is revealed that cod was originally shipped in tanks from Alaska to China, and because the fish were bored the entire way, they ended up as tasteless. It was later discovered that if Catfish were placed into these tanks with the cod, they would keep the cod “on their toes” during the trip. In life, we are challenged by catfish, they keep us guessing, and in the end, they make us better people.

So, the show is on Wednesday nights on MTV, and while I kind of feel like nothing can shock us now, there’s a new show staring Nev that comes on right after, called “Suspect”.

I’ve watched it (how could I not) and essentially it’s similar to “Catfish” in that Nev is uncovering truths and lies, but the secrets usually aren’t revolving relationships. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s deep, dark secrets that they’re uncovering.

It’s pretty interesting.

On “Suspect”, Nev is joined by artist and activist iO (not Max, but still cool). I didn’t know much about iO, so I did some Googling, and found out she photographed 2,000 people who identified themselves as not 100% straight, called Self Evident Truths. She’s also done a TED Talk on this project, and I find this incredibly fascinating – no, seriously, if you’re at all interested in human rights, you should check it out.

So, who’s going to break down and watch “Catfish” and “Suspect” with me? Any takers? Well, you know where I’ll be each Wednesday night!

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