The Books

Holly self-published her first book — a memoir — in 2013. Since then, she’s published a second memoir, a book of poems and essays, an instructional book on blogging, and two novels.

While Holly’s memoirs, poems, and essays focused on dating, relationships, and love, her novels highlight more creative ventures, such as travel, tattoos, and reaching for your wildest dreams.

Her novels were written during #NaNoWriMo (in 2020 and 2021, respectively) — spending only 30 days writing each book.

She is working on her fourth novel, set to publish in 2023. Stay tuned for her latest book updates by signing up for her weekly newsletter!


Savannah Troy has a life envied by many: a handsome and supportive husband, a sweet and fun daughter, and a blossoming career as a social media influencer.

But as her online popularity grows, she seeks a different kind of attention. As a result, she files for divorce, determined to live the life she was destined for — not the one society has planned.

She quickly finds love in Noah Scott, a successful startup founder, and CEO, who’s younger, childless, and ready to travel the world with Savannah at his side.

Online, Savannah appears giddy and madly in love, but her thousands of followers see something behind the facade. What’s she hiding? What’s Noah’s motive? Only time (or a gang of online sleuths) will tell.

Neon Highway | A Novel

Charlie Hodge won big on his last adventure, and now he’s back in Wander — possibly ready for another challenge.

But, when his coworker presents an opportunity on the other side of the country, he’s got a lot to consider.

Everything seems to fall into place for one second, but then someone special enters Charlie’s life and changes things forever. What’s next for Charlie and his small town crew?

Continue on the Neon Highway with another installment of “Oil & Ink.”

Oil & Ink | A Novel

Oil and ink fiction novel

Charlie Hodge is a Tattoo Artist in Wander, South Dakota. He does his work out of a truck stop — Tucker’s Oil — mostly known for its snack selection and location. Tucker’s is a stop on the way to bucket list adventures for families and college kids, and while it’s a decent gig, Charlie has bigger dreams.

So, when he sees the opportunity to win mega prize money by entering a tattoo competition across the country, he finds a way to enter. What’s he got to lose? What will happen to Tucker’s Oil? Join this unique adventure and rediscover the combination of small-town joys and big dreams.

Written entirely during November 2020 for National Novel Writing Month, “Oil & Ink” is an effort in old school creativity and joy. This one’s for the pandemic #NaNoWriMo crew!

Lemon Drops | Poems & Shorts

Relationship Blogger and Columnist Holly A. Phillips shares more about her search for love.

In the form of short stories and poems, read what she’s called her “Most honest” piece yet.

From love in the Houston Airport to a casual affair with an engaged man, take another adventurous journey with your favorite Bitter Lemon.

Blogging for Beginners | Instructional

Written for the students of the Leisure Course at Louisiana State University, the Informal Course at the University of Texas at Austin, and those taking the course online, Blogging for Beginners offers simple tips to conquer the blogging world.

The Course Creator and Instructor Holly A. Phillips has compiled 51 blogging tips for beginners. These tips are for those thinking of starting a blog — even if you’re not sure what a blog is — or those who have started blogging but are looking to rise to the top.

How to Make Lemonade | Memoir

Holly’s second book, How To Make Lemonade, is her story from the beginning—as far as dating goes, anyway.

Follow Holly from second grade, high school, and college as she navigates her way through love and heartbreak.

In these moments, people always tell us to “Make lemonade,” but no one ever tells us how. How To Make Lemonade is Holly’s start at recipe.

How I Fell: Love, Lies, & Cocktails | Memoir

In 2013, Holly survived the most challenging relationship of her life — one with an alcoholic. It was something she’d never dealt with, and it shook her to her core.

This short relationship was filled with intense feelings (good and bad), plenty of lies, and emotional abuse. She took to my blog for solace, and what she found was that she wasn’t alone.

When the relationship ended, she searched for books to help her feel better and get her life back together. While she did find a few, very few were genuine, honest accounts of what it’s like to date an alcoholic.

The truth is, it’s scary as shit. But it’s not easy to get out. How I Fell is a true story with ugly, embarrassing details.


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