Iceland, March 2022

Welcome to The Bitter Lemon!

I’m Holly, and this is my small corner of the internet — I’ve had it since 2010, and it has grown with me as I’ve navigated my life and career as a writer.

I live in Austin, Texas, where I’m always on the hunt for the best vegan burger. I love to read and listen to live music (not simultaneously). I spend lots of time with my rescue kitty, Blanche Devereaux, too!

Here, you’ll find:

  • My blog (home to my goals, life, travel, books, and product reviews)
  • My books (I’ve published a few and am always working on a new one)
  • My newsletter (it’s free and it hits inboxes every Friday)
  • My services (I do all sorts of writing and editing to pay the bills)

I hope you’ll stick around!

Thank you for reading my words.


Holly A. Phillips

PS. This blog contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through one of my links, I’ll get a small percentage of the profit, at no additional cost to you. 


  1. jack joseph's mom

    Every day this month I have made it my goal to discover a new blog/blogger friend. Today I searched “dating” as I am thinking about maybe trying it again (though minimal effort will be put into the search! 🙂 ) and I found you. I like your writing style and I am excited to read more! This looks like great material for a book and your style will be perfect for it! So excited to read more!

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