‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Do The Lilo’.

I somehow FORGOT to record last night’s episode of “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” so I’m just now watching it, but have no fear — the whole recap is HERE!

I’m excited to see what happens with Kailah, so let’s jump right into it:

At the start of the work day, Panos can already tell something is off with Kailah, but she says she’s going to brush her frustrations under the rug. We will see…

The VIP guest for the day is a very popular drag queen and Aristotle gets assigned to the VIP cabana. Brent is making a big deal about the possibility that Aristotle might be gay… and it’s pretty offensive.

Meanwhile, Kailah is standing on the beach texting on her phone. Lindsay sees this and gets on the mic and tells everyone that Kailah isn’t working… this doesn’t go over well.

Some of the hosts are planning a pride event at the club — with rainbow flags and unicorn floats — but many of them haven’t been to any pride event, so this could get interesting.

Lindsay’s two godchildren arrive at the club and my reaction is… WHO decided to make Lindsay Lohan a godmother?? Lindsay says she trusts these kids, who are maybe 5 years old? And she wants them to meet the hosts and possibly fire one of them… seriously.

Mike is one of the ones planning the pride event and he talks a lot about not being able to get approval from his dad. Part of the event is him being a part of a performance and he’s worried about coming off as “too flamboyant” to his dad.

Mike and Alex are talking about all of this and Alex says he thinks it’s “weird” that Mike is bisexual. They get into a screaming match and it looks like it’s about it get physical. Gabi comes and sits by Mike and comforts him.

The next day, the guys seem to be civil again… and then Lindsay arrives. The hosts are outside at the back table, so Lindsay and Panos walk through the entire villa and look in everyone’s rooms. She is disgusted that the place is so messy and wants to fire everyone.

When they get to the back patio, she tells the staff they cannot work for her if they aren’t taking care of themselves or their belongings. Kailah says she doesn’t understand why messy rooms are an issue and Lindsay says, “Oh, you want your own show” and then fires her and tells her to pack her shit.

Later, Mike asks Brent if he’ll dress up in drag and be the host of the pride event. Then, Mike and Alex finally sit down and have a talk about their fight — they seem to resolve things pretty quickly.

At the event, their are balloons everywhere and all of the cabanas are decorated. The event goes really well and everyone loves Brent in drag. The event ends with Lindsay doing her now-infamous dance moves in the gold jumpsuit… which quickly went viral.

The previews for next week look intense with Lindsay’s former fiance showing up at the club, but I’m starting to wonder how long this season is?? Anyone else??

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