‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Lindsay Flips the Script’.

I was particularly looking forward to watching last night’s episode of “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” because I was listening to the Cold Podcast all day and really needed to switch gears before bed.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a podcast roundup blog post coming soon!

Anyway, let’s get into the episode.

At the start of the episode, May tells some of the other VIP hosts that she just got fired. Some of the hosts are sympathetic, others aren’t really too surprised. Jules feels relieved, I guess thinking that she’s off the hook, but I have a feeling that’s not the case.

Lindsay says firing May was difficult because it was the first time she’s ever fired someone. Panos tells her he has a flight for her that evening, but Lindsay grabs May’s hand and asks her why she’s so insecure.

…And Lindsay tells her she’s not fired. Um, what??

Lindsay says part of the reason is because she has the same tattoo as her sister – a lotus flower. I mean… you can’t make this shit up, folks.

Panos isn’t too thrilled about this information, and is ready to fire someone else.

And Lindsay runs up and grabs Jules. At first, Jules thinks she is getting a chance to speak to Panos about what he wants in a Brand Ambassador. He lets her talk, but then fires her.

Then May announces she is staying! And now everyone is confused… rightfully so.

Alex, Gabi, and Aristotle are heading back from the mainland, and as soon as they get back to the villa, Gabi wants to know where Jules is. Gabi is pretty upset.

The next day at work, Sara and Brent let Panos know they aren’t together anymore. Panos doesn’t really care, he just wants the work to get done. But just a few minutes later, they’re hooking up at the villa…sooo.

The next day at work, Panos puts May to the test and assigns her to take care of the VIPs for the day – a group of ladies arriving for a bachelorette party.

Lindsay takes some of the hosts out on a boat for a private lunch, including Kailah and it sort of comes out that she thinks this is a competition. As you can probably guess, that doesn’t fly too well with Lindsay.

Things quickly take a turn and Lindsay starts framing all of these questions that make it seem like Kailah is in this for fame. It’s super awkward.

Back at the beach, Panos is impressed by May… but Kailah is still pretty fired up from her lunch with Lindsay. She ends up crying and calling her dad, and he has some interesting advice.

He basically says she shouldn’t be talked to like that, and he says she should tell her to shut the fuck up and suck her dick. Ummm… I doubt this is going to go over well!

And then the episode ends. But from the looks of things, this isn’t letting up anytime soon.

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