‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Lohan Rules’.

I know people have to be watching this show, because people are talking about it – but no one in my world is talking about it. I even pitched the idea in a dance class last week, “Hey, is anyone watching that new Lindsay Lohan show??”


Actually, someone said, “Oh, she has a show?” And I totally get it – I’m technically too old to be watching MTV. But, if you’re new here, you’ll learn quickly that I am not aligned in age and actions, in both good and bad ways. And I am not ashamed of the TV I watch.

So, let’s get RIGHT into last night’s episode – because I am real excited to see if Brent gets the boot.

After all of the drama at the villa, Panos wants to bring in a new VIP host to see how things roll. Basically, Lindsay and Panos want to scare the current staff and let them know they can easily be replaced.

Of course, most of the staff is worried about getting clipped – except Brent.

There is also a new VIP guest, a DJ, and Brent claims to have already served him in Vegas.

Panos throws in that Natasha — the very first VIP guest that Brent hooked up with — is returning to the club. Brent is trying to patch things up with Sara, so he vows to ignore Natasha.

Well, that works for about five seconds because she keeps requesting his presence. Lindsay and Panos both notice this… and neither of them are happy.

The highlight of the day is definitely when Lindsay pulls out the champagne gun and forces the staff into a lineup to shoot bubbly on them. She misses, but Panos doesn’t!

Panos then reveals to Mike that he actually knows the new host coming in — Alex from back home. Mike reveals to the camera that he’s actually hooked up with Alex, so there’s that.

That night, everyone goes out with Lindsay and Panos and Jonitta is promoting the club left and right… and Panos is loving it. He also sees Brent kiss Sara and everyone is pissssssed.

The next day, Alex arrives. And Jonitta is in love. Until Alex told her he has a boyfriend – ha!

Panos says there’s four VIP guests that day, all women models, so he sticks the guys on them. Only he makes Brent pass out flyers since he was too busy kissing Sara at the club instead of promoting.

Alex starts working and everyone is intimidated — he has a totally different attitude, speaks Greek and Italian, and the VIP guests are loving him. He’s taking shots, smoking hookah, and eventually starts making out with one of the girls… which is great for business, but what about for his relationship?

The episode ends and in the clip for next week’s episode, it shows Jonitta straight up slapping another host in the face. Damn!

Guess I’ll see you all right here next week!

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