‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: What Are Your Intentions’.

Okaaaay, I’m back for my episode two recap! Let’s dive right into it:

Honestly, when the episode starts, I feel like I’m watching the same episode as last week. They spend a lot of time re-introducing the staff from last week, and again we meet Panos, and understand why Lindsay is opening this beach club.

Once we get into it, the staff gets to the Beach Club for a meeting with Panos and Lindsay. Lindsay wants to know what their intentions are and Panos doesn’t think they’re working up to par.

So, Lindsay comes up with a fun game: everyone write your intentions on a piece of paper!!!

They all read the pieces of paper out loud. She doesn’t call anyone out, but of course, they all wrote they wanted to save the world.

They wrap up the staff meeting by learning about their VIP client, Lakis, a designer. Aristotle gets assigned to work for Lakis. Brent is also assigned as an assistant.

Brent is already annoyed that he’s not the star of the show and he tells Panos that he’s probably going to sell the whole bar. Panos takes offense to this… and I have a feeling this isn’t going to end pretty.

Lakis turns out to be interesting…so interesting that I’m wondering if it’s a setup. He’s asking for juice, hot water to wash his feet, and doing the airplane on Aristotle!

Brent is trying to keep himself from laughing while all of this is going on; he thinks Aristotle looks stupid and desperate, and decides he’s not going to help him anymore, so he just walks away.

We are reminded again that Sara likes Brent, but she’s seeing how he treats other people and it makes her unsure.

Meanwhile, Aristotle meets with Panos and tells him how Brent has been acting, even at the villa. Panos is not happy.

Then, Aristotle meets with Lindsay (!) and tells her about Brent, too. Yikes.

Lindsay and Panos meet…and there’s this weird scene where Lindsay is squealing over a guest’s baby and asks if she can hold it, and makes a point of saying how much she loves it when kids are at the club. So… we are just going to pretend like she didn’t attempt to kidnap a kid last year!?! Ok.

Anyway, they discuss Brent and Lindsay feels like he has his own agenda, and he needs to be reminded that he’s here to work in LINDSAY’S Club.

That night at the villa, Billy gets in the hot tub with Sara. The majority of the staff starts drinking and Brent is really buttering Sara up. The peak of the night is a drunken game of truth or dare. Brent asks Sara what girl in the house she likes the least. She says May, and this ends in tears.

Honestly, it’s like “The Bachelorette” with Sara. Brent and Billy keep interrupting each other for her attention, and it’s annoying. Sara confides in some of the girls about her mixed feels… and then Jules runs and tells Brent.

This. Sets. Brent. OFF.

Brent grabs Billy… and basically tells him all the girls in the house are ugly. Including Sara. He said if she came to Vegas, he wouldn’t even talk to her, and that she could stand to lose seven pounds.

Sara overhears this, walks up to Brent, and dumps an entire bottle of tequila on his head. BOSS BITCH.

All the girls are bonding over Sara’s move, and Brent starts drinking straight out of the bottle, and ends up passing out on the couch and falling off of it.

But the next day, he’s fully on, and gets called out by Panos for not being helpful with Lakis the day before. Brent disagrees and says his back hurts because he’s carrying the team.

Panos calls Lindsay and tells her what happened. She reminds him that the staff is disposable and they can hire an entirely new staff…

and that’s the end of the episode! Next week looks just as crazy…

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