Things I’ve learned from watching ‘Laguna Beach’

Trey is STILL fine.
Trey is STILL fine.

Oh, Laguna, how I love (yes, still do) thee. In late 2004, MTV capitalized on the popularity of The OC, making a reality show based at Laguna Beach High School — claiming it was the story of the REAL OC.

And hell, I don’t know how much of it was real, fake, scripted, or whatever, all I know is I love the stuff — the drama between Stephen, LC, and KCav (still love her). Who says you can’t learn a few lessons while watching your favorite television shows? Here’s what I’ve gained:

  1. Everyone looked fit in high school. Sure, there’s a lot of shirtless dudes and chicks in bikinis on this show, and they all look great. And while I’m feeling like a fat slob, sitting on my couch, then I remember, oh right — they’re in high school. We were all skinny then, and yet we still thought we were fat.
  2. Trey Phillips is an artsy hottie. Trey, if you recall, is the one that’s into fashion, surfing, skateboarding, and human rights. And he looks good doing all of it. He’s got that unconventional hottie thing going on and I love it.
  3. California is gorgeous. While I’ve been to Cali a handful of times, shows like Laguna Beach provide a view of the beaches we really can’t get anywhere else.
  4. My prom dress was probably overkill. While I was wearing foofy tutus for prom, the kids at Laguna High were wearing modest, slim-fitting gowns. Because…money. Nevertheless, I loved my senior prom dress (didn’t love my date).
  5. Tank tops and jeans are underrated. I don’t care what anyone says, the simplest outfit — jeans and a tank — will always be in style.
  6. Ex boyfriends are just…weird. That whole weirdness between KCav and Stephen when they’re broken up but still talking is completely relatable. Despite the annoyance that comes from exes, there’s always that little thing.
  7. Spring break was uber cliquey. Why did we all go on spring break together, and then hate each other? I remember who did what, and yes, I still have you blocked on Facebook for it. #Bitter
  8. Even losers can wine and dine. Remember when Jason picks LC up in a hot rod and takes her out for a fancy dinner? Yeah, well, even lame ass mother f*cks can do that — don’t be fooled, ladies!

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