‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Lindsay Steps In’.

After last week’s episode and the teaser for this one… I am ready, so I’m gonna get right into it!

It’s a new day at Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and Big Shaq is coming today — but the way Panos pronounces his name sounds like “big sac” and it’s just awkward.

Panos let’s the group know that he wants them to make a signature drink, so they all get behind the bar and try to come up with something. This is where we see some of Gabi’s personality come out — she’s been hiding these last few episodes.

It becomes obvious that she is CONSTANTLY trying to one-up everyone, and people are starting to roll their eyes. Especially Jonitta.

However, Panos is impressed with the way everyone is working today, so he gives them all the following day off to enjoy Greece.

When everyone gets back to the Villa after work, Jonitta is on the phone with her friend and she doesn’t mention Gabi’s name, but she keeps saying she’s going to put a coworker “in their place.”

The next morning, Gabi is on the phone with her mom, and the show also shows some b-roll of her childhood and upbringing. She explains that she was very sick as a child, and was bullied…and now her “bubbly” personality makes up for the pain of her past.

Jonitta invites a guy out — someone she met when they were out recruiting in a previous episode. The entire group is heading to the club… and as soon as Gabi sees Jonitta’s date, she runs up and kisses him.

Needless to say, this sends Jonitta into a tizzy.

And before we know it, Alex and Mike kiss.

Back at the Villa, Jonitta confronts Gabi about the kiss. Gabi says she was just doing what people do in Europe. This quickly escalates into a full-blown fight with claps in the face and chairs are being thrown.

Gabi and Jonitta are about a foot away from each other, when Gabi touches Jonitta’s leg, and that does it — Jonitta slaps Gabi across the face. Like, a HUGE slap.

Gabi goes full on Irene-level psycho (please tell me you get that reference) and is just smiling and hysterically laughing. Security breaks them up, physically, but they both continue to yell at each other.

Gabi decides to go to a hotel by herself to get some rest, and she notably leaves the Villa and gets in a taxi wearing no pants, just swim bottoms.

The next morning, Alex is worried about the kiss he had with Mike. He’s worried about how his boyfriend will react once he tells him.

Panos also gets a video of what happened between Jonitta and Gabi. He’s pissed. He meets with Gabi and asks her what happened. He’s upset with Gabi for provoking Jonitta, but he’s pissed with Jonitta as well.

He heads to the Villa and calls everyone into the living room for a meeting. When Panos asks Jonitta what happened, she starts yelling at him. He keeps telling her she’s not sorry, he can tell it in her face… oddly enough, she’s wearing a t-shirt that says “SORRY” on the front and “NOT SORRY” on the back. Ha!

Panos and Lindsay arrive at the house and it’s hard to tell what they’re going to say… and of course the episode ENDS!

But, in the preview for next week, they bring in two new hosts… so you do the math. The show is also moving to Monday nights next week, so I’ll be posting my recaps on Tuesday!

Let me know if you’re watching the show and what you think…

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