Announcing: my second book!

My second book, How To Make Lemonade, is my story from the beginning—as far as dating goes, anyway.

I tricked him into being my boyfriend. One morning before class began, I took a ring I’d gotten in one of those clear plastic bubbles and placed it in my mailbox. The mailboxes were in our classroom; merely constructed of cardboard shaped into rectangles. I’d put a tag on the ring: “To Holly, From Andy.”

Follow me from second grade, through high school, and even in college, as I navigate my way through love and heartbreak.

In these moments, people always tell us to “Make lemonade,” but no one ever tells us how. How To Make Lemonade is my start at a recipe.

Mark your calendars: Monday, December 2, 2013.

Haven’t read my first book? Get the e-book here, or get the print version here.


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