#tb: 30-Day Breakup Guide.

In late April of 2010, I went through a breakup that shook me. Even years later, I am still dealing with the baggage from that relationship (it’s a lot less bags, at least).

But as usual, I wanted to be open about my feelings during the breakup. So, I followed The Frisky’s 30 Day Breakup Guide, and I blogged about it every day.

While it was such a difficult time for me, I still love going back and reading these old posts to remind me of where I was, and just how far I’ve come. And even though the material itself is three years old, the wisdom is timeless.

In order to hold you over until my second book release day (December 2!), I’ll be posting these EVERY DAY! I hope you find some good advice, maybe for a similar situation you’re going through, as I re-post these entries. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

3056953388_4512c89d0aBy now you all know I got dumped this week—sad face. But is that an excuse to sit on my ass and mope? Okay, maybe a little. But I refuse to be too down and out, so I’m turning my loss into a huge gain, for you, my readers.

Leave it to me to turn my misery into a grand blogging/writing project, along with an intense personal journey. I’m taking advice from my favorite website, The Frisky, and following their 30-Day Breakup Guide—a month’s worth of advice and activities that promises to have me on my feet and over him in said amount of time.

I know I haven’t said much so far about the relationship and the breakup, but trust me, time will reveal all. If I break down, leave me some advice. If I want to go Carrie Underwood on his white Ford Explorer, lend me your Louisville Slugger.

Along the way, follow me as I get rid of his things, meet up with old friends (and hopefully make new ones), try new activities, all while riding the emotional roller coaster we know as getting over love.

So today, Day 1, The Frisky says I should change my cellphone wallpaper. Because yes, I was that girl who had a cute photo of the two of us on it. According to The Frisky, I shouldn’t put too much thought into this new wallpaper…but it should be something inspirational.

Well, after much searching, I picked that picture included in this entry. It’s a sunset over New York City—a photo that signifies renewal, a city that stands for freedom and opportunity. Sounds really sentimental for a cellphone wallpaper, I know, but I’m going to take this breakup guide seriously.

Aside from the wallpaper, I gave my phone a mini-makeover. I changed my icons and all my tones. I even did the digital delete—photos, texts, and e-mails from the ex.

Moving on has always been difficult for me, and I’ve never had a relationship even close to the one that’s over (in seriousness and in length of time). However, I know it’s not impossible and that everything really does happen for a reason. Some days will be okay (like today) and some days are going to be really tough.

I hope you all enjoy coming along with me—it will be a good learning experience for me, and maybe you’ll find a few pieces of truth in here for yourself.

Here’s to Day 1! What will Day 2 bring? Find out tomorrow.

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