Tough Love {Co-Ed}.

Tough Love is baaaaack!


It’s no secret that I’ve had a MASSIVE crush on professional matchmaker (and VH1’s Tough Love host) Steve Ward ever since I set my eyes upon him through my television. Don’t even get me started on his adorable Philly accent!

Feast your eyes…


Anyway, in the previous 4 seasons of Tough Love, Steve has coached 8 women in his bootcamp. This season, he’s still coaching 8 women…but he’s also moving in 8 men that need dating help, as well.

I know reality shows get a bad rap, but they are pretty much all I watch and this one, believe it or not, offers a few lessons that I feel I can use in real life.

For starters, each person on Tough Love has an obvious dating block—some reason/problem that keeps them from finding the right person. Between the 8 people (or in this case, 16), there’s always someone who’s got similar problems to me.

And when they get Steve’s advice, it’s like ME getting his advice, for free. Plus it makes for good TV. That is what we call a win-win situation.

Meet this season’s cast:

“Mr. Peter Pan”—[Chris] He never wants to grow up!

“Miss Shut Down”—[Judy] Dealing with the sudden death of her husband.

“Mr. Me, Myself, & I”—[Kris] Has a serious crush on himself.

“Miss Disconnected”—[Kyle] Lost faith in dating after a string of failed relationships. <—-ME! ME! ME!

“Mr. Superficial”—[Paj] His job as a stripper often turns off the wrong women.

“Miss High Maintenance”—[Porsche] Looking for perfection/has unreasonable standards.

“Miss Cursed”—[Sariya] Believes she is cursed after her grandmother had an affair, which left the wife dead.

“Mr. Player”—[Stu] He’s cheated on every girl he’s been with.

Is there a contestant that fits your dating profile?

A few issues they’ve covered this season include telling your significant other your secrets, dealing with exes/past relationships, and moving forward from your past.

These are also issues I probably need to work on. I am excited to see where the guys and gals end up when the bootcamp is over.

Any other Tough Love fanatics out there?

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