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‘So Cosmo’: Woman Up.

Hey, hey! It has been a bit of a doozy of a week – so bad I almost had to go out and buy myself a bottle of wine, but I didn’t, because 1. I’m too lazy, and 2. I’m really serious about not messing up my “sleep study” (please read Tuesday’s post for clarity). […]



Eeeekkk! I’m so excited to share my interview with Izzy, a finalist on “Project Runway Junior”, season 2, on the blog today! As you may recall, this is my first time watching a season of “Project Runway Junior”, although I have watched “Project Runway” since season one (you can read the full story here). The […]


Fiction Friday: ‘Black & Blue’, part IV.

The following is an original short story, written by Holly A. Phillips in 2007, inspired by her favorite NHL player, Sean Avery. Read part one, two, and three, if you’re interested… “Bro, damn, where you going?” 12 asked. “Out there…you know,” I said. “Haven’t seen you head that way in… Well, ever,” he said. “Uh […]