A Review: Lime Crime Sunkissed Face Palette.

Before my trip to New York, I was on the hunt for a new face palette. I certainly didn’t need one, but want is enough to put me on the hunt. I was searching through the New Arrivals section on Ulta’s website and saw the Sunkissed face palette from Lime Crime.

At $44 for six colors, I was a little hesitant. I’d never purchased anything from Lime Crime before, but had heard good things about them — that the colors were always highly pigmented and creamy.

I had also seen other products from them that looked so fun, like their Pocket Candy Pressed powder palettes that look like Polly Pockets.

After thinking on it, I took the plunge and bought it. There were enough “every day” type of colors in the palette to justify it, plus a few colors I’d really never seen. It also had very good reviews.

How I’ve Used the Palette

When I got the palette, it was about twice as big as what I expected, so right off the bat I feel like it’s worth the price. When I started swatching… yes, these powders are very pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. There’s a small amount of fallout when you use a packing brush.

The colors are Salty (matte bronze), Sizzle (matte red), Golden Hour (yellow-gold shimmer), Malibu (pink shimmer), Sun Daze (champagne shimmer), and Bask (bronze foil).

What I love about this palette is that every color can be used on the face in different ways. I’ve used Salty as a bronzer and an eyeshadow; Sizzle as a blush and an eye shadow; Golden Hour as a highlighter and an eyeshadow… you get the picture.

This is what makes it — and many face palettes — so perfect for travel! I packed this, foundation, mascara, and setting spray and I was good to go! Plus, I could use the neutral colors on days I wanted a natural look, and the more fun colors when I was going out at night.

The palette is set in cardboard, but it’s thick and the top section is sturdy enough that I wasn’t worried about it getting crushed during travel (and it was perfectly fine).

I have been using the palette even after my trip, although I usually save them for travel, just because I don’t want to run out and be forced to take separates on a trip! I’m half-kidding, but really, I take these types of things seriously.

Go out of your Comfort Zone

I was thinking the other day about how travel really forces me out of my comfort zone. I have been traveling alone a lot lately. Years ago, I took a trip alone because I couldn’t find anyone to actually plan a trip with me or people said they didn’t have the money (this was in college).

I didn’t want other people to hold me back, so I went to Los Angeles by myself. It was scary, but I got along just fine and did things on my own. Since then, I’ve been on many trips alone and I’ve come to enjoy it very much.

But sometimes I still get scared, of course, whether it’s simply walking somewhere alone or eating dinner by myself, still worried that people might look at me and feel pity.

What always gets me through, though, is knowing that I came to find adventures and learn things and I’ve got to muster up enough courage to do whatever it is I came to do!

The more I travel, the more brave I get and before I know it, I’ve gone to concerts by myself, Broadway plays, hell, I’ve had dinner with complete strangers that feel like lifelong friends by the last wine drop.

Now that I work from home, I don’t experiment much with my makeup or clothes. Travel is another opportunity for me to do that! So, I was really excited to use this palette with its bold colors and bright highlights. I even packed a red lipgloss that matched Sizzle — “Serrano” by Jouer.

Other ‘Sunkissed’ Products

The summer “Sunkissed” collection has other fun products, including the Venus XS palette that has four, very similar colors in it. There’s also a freckle pen that has good reviews. Finally, there’s a “Popsicle Glow” lipstick called “Sunset Orange”.

This definitely won’t be my last Lime Crime product!

I also wanted to mention a product I just finished using that I was less-than impressed with. I don’t want this to be a place to talk shit or share products you shouldn’t buy, but I figure it’s my ethical place to share the products that don’t meet the level of excitement I had when I bought it.

This time, it’s the Philosophy 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash and bubble bath. I bought the 16oz for $18, which isn’t ridiculous, but I was really treating myself by buying it. I bought it because of the scent, “Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere”.

Now, the smell is AMAZING. But this is my first time using this product strictly as a bubble bath. As a body wash, it foams up really nicely. I have never used it as a shampoo. But when I used it as a bubble bath, it wasn’t that bubbly and what little bubbles were there, disappear very quickly.

It was such a disappointment because I feel like Philosophy is such a great brand and I’ve used cheaper bubble baths that have big, lasting bubbles.

Just my thoughts on it — but I will be purchasing the “Warm Cashmere” spray-on fragrance; it smells SO good!

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