Watching: ‘Friends’, season 2.

What do you do when there’s a light week at work? By “light”, I mean, normal hours, and by “at work”, I mean on the couch. You watch another season of “Friends”!

Now that I’m done with season one, I feel like the storylines are getting a little more intense. Season one left off with Rachel heading to the airport to pickup Ross from China.

Season two picks up right there, and when Ross gets off the plane, he’s all over his new girlfriend… and the episodes that follow, with Rachel super jealous and Ross very happy, are hilarious!

And then Monica starts dating the eye doctor (played by Burt Reynolds) – I have seen episodes with him before, but never knew the backstory.

Joey’s role on “Days of Our Lives” has ended, and he had to sell all of his extravagant credit card purchases since he wasn’t sure when his next job would come.

There’s also an episode starring Julia Roberts, playing an old classmate of Chandler’s. I guess he bullied her when they were kids, so she tricks him into liking her, and ends up leaving him in a public restroom wearing only women’s underwear. Ha!

A few things were addressed this season that I didn’t expect: 1. Money and 2. Rent for the purple apartment.

In one episode, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey talk about how they don’t have as much money as the rest of the group and it’s frustrating when everyone wants to go out to really nice restaurants or to expensive concerts. It takes awhile for Monica, Chandler, and Ross to understand, but the issue is resolved.

In another episode, Monica doesn’t have a job and she is worried about how she’s going to pay rent. Since the apartment is her grandmother’s, I assumed she didn’t pay rent, but now I know (I’m always worried about logistics).

The season ends with Monica telling her boyfriend (sorry, my max for remembering characters is four) that she only wants to be with someone who really wants to have kids.

And also, Chandler’s ex – with the voice – shows up at Central Perk and they madly make out. So, I’m pretty excited to get into season three!

This is the perfect show to watch while working since the plot isn’t too serious. I’ll keep you posted!

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