Watching: ‘Friends’, season 4.

It’s already Wednesday! I’m not complaining, because this week has been a little rough. Yesterday’s allergy issues really had me MESSED up! Once I washed my hair, I stopped sneezing and my eyes were less-itchy, but I just didn’t feel right… not much of an appetite, and I kept getting the chills as if I had a fever — what gives?

I didn’t really eat all day, but I did start to get hungry around 6 pm. Nothing really sounded good, but I always turn to ramen from Whole Foods or pho from this fantastic Vietnamese place across the street from my apartment.

I placed an order for pickup, and while I waited, I stripped all the bedding from my bed and stuffed it into my washer… which basically took all of my energy given that I hadn’t eaten. So, even after I slogged to pickup my food, I ended up getting disgusted by it before I could choke much down, and tossed it.

Because I’m 100% sure this isn’t just about allergies. It’s also a matter of depression and anxiety, and when my anxiety is high, I think about all the things I shouldn’t, and I can’t eat or sleep. Which explains why, despite being up at 3 am, that even at 10 pm, I was having trouble getting to sleep.

I’m happy to say though, that I slept much better last night (on all of my pollen-free bedding), and I’m feeling better this morning (I even ate breakfast). I’ve got a decent amount of work to do today, and then I’m going to go to yoga, and hopefully relax afterward.

But, I’m thinking this weekend, I definitely need to make an effort to cheer myself up. Perhaps I need to watch another season of “Friends”? Which reminds me, I watched season four of “Friends” before I left for London and never got around to talking about it!

I think the seasons get funnier and funnier, but that could be because I get more invested in the characters. In season four, Phoebe helps Monica with her catering company — mainly Phoebe is there to lay down the law when Monica is too chicken to ask for the payment.

One of the funnier episodes in this season is when Ross helps Joey get a job at the museum. In the cafeteria, though, the room is segregated. Not by race or class of course, but by people who are researchers versus tour guides versus gift shop employees.

This means Joey and Ross can’t sit together, so, naturally Joey rips off his uniform and starts a trend in the cafeteria encouraging everyone to sit together.

I also enjoyed the episode where Chandler runs into Janice. She is so happy to see him, but he doesn’t quite feel the same way. In order to get away from her, he tells her he’s been relocated by his job and will be moving to Yemen.

So, she offers to help him pack. They pack his things (haha), and she insists on going with him to the airport, and he tried to buy a fake plane ticket. The airline won’t do that, so he pays $2,000 for a flight that he walks on and then gets right back off.

…but Janice is still in the airport. She insists on waving goodbye as the flight takes off. So, he actually gets on the flight!

At the end of the season, everyone flies to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding. Even Rachel flies to London — initially to stop the wedding, but once she sees Ross, she lies and says she wanted to wish him well. Buuutttt, during the vows, Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s. Whoops!

Once this was over, I was thinking, wow, there are 10 seasons of this show… I feel like it’s going to get interesting given that I’m not quite halfway done yet. But we will see! Does anyone have plans for the weekend yet?

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