Watching: ‘Friends’ season 5.

Happy Friday! I have never, ever been someone who wanted to count down to Friday, but this week has been particularly rough. I have so much work (which is the best problem to have), but I’m also getting tons of last-minute requests from my clients, which has resulted in many late nights and early mornings this week — I do not thrive with no sleep you guys!

But, it’s Friday, and although I’m going to be putting in some work hours this weekend, I’m excited to detach from email and all of that 🙂

What helps me in times of stress is great TV — especially shows like “Friends” that are funny, but you don’t have to invest a ton of concentration on. So, I just watched season five, and these seasons continue to get funnier and funnier.

In season five, Monica and Chandler are full on dating after hooking up in season four at Ross’ wedding, but they are keeping it a secret. Phoebe gives birth as the surrogate for her brother and his wife, which is a pretty comical episode as Joey is admitted to the same hospital for appendicitis.

Ross and Emily get divorced and Ross moved in with Joey and Chandler, which is obviously interesting. On New Year’s, the gang makes resolutions. Ross resolves to try something new every day, including wearing leather pants on a date.

He ends up not being able to get the pants back on after using the bathroom, and tries putting powder in the pants… it doesn’t work, so then he adds lotion, and essentially makes a white paste all over his legs… and ends up having to tell his date what happened with said leather pants around his ankles. Ha!

There’s also a funny episode where Monica confronts Chandler about his “work laugh”, which is very over-the-top to please his boss. The season ends in Las Vegas, with Chandler proposing to Monica!

I’m kind of sad that I’m on the other side of the seasons – there’s only 10! Of course, I can always watch them again, and again.

This weekend, I’m going on a “food adventure” to find some delicious açaí bowls in the city! Yummmm…. I’m not sure what else, but hopefully I’ll be getting a little rest. I hope you all have a great one!

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