Women You Should Know: The Bella Twins.

The Bellas do football... not really.
The Bellas do football… not really.

Y’all get the 2-for-1 deal today, as far as the WYSK profile, because it’s two of my favorite Divas of WWE — The Bella Twins! Meet Brie Danielson and Nicole Garcia-Colace.

Born just 16 minutes apart, the twins were athletic from an early age. After modeling, and doing promotional work, they were signed to join developmental with WWE in 2007. They were drafted to WWE Raw in 2009, getting into the ring and developing story lines.

In 2011, Brie won the WWE Divas Championship, with Nikki winning it the following year. In 2013, they appeared on the TV series, Total Divas. ENTER: How I know who the hell they are.

I got sucked into watching Total Divas after watching a marathon on a lazy Sunday, and was hooked.

So, why do I love The Bella Twins? Well, for starters, they are gorgeous, and just the right amount of fit — not too muscle-y, not too thin. So, when I need some workout inspiration, I just look to Nikki and Brie.

While they look so much alike, their personalities are so different, which comes out on the show. Brie is the animal activist, environmentalist who loves to get into “Brie Mode,” and had a beautiful wedding (SWOON). While Nikki is all about her man John, facing relationship issues we can all relate to.

PS. if you really want to get a taste of her life, check out Nikki’s Instagram… And hell, while I’m fan-girling, check out this article, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bella Twins.

I like the fact that they do have a good bit of celeb-status, but they are pretty grounded, and they’ve worked to get where they are. Plus, I love watching both of their romantic relationships unfold (shocker) on the show.

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