A Review: Bondi Sands Pure Self-Tanning Drops.

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Okay… I honestly meant to post this review last week, but you guys… I read the directions on the back of the bottle WRONG and had to regroup – ha!

I’m talking about the Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Drops.

The directions say to apply 4-12 drops to your favorite moisturizer. For some reason, I read that as 1-2 drops. I mean… I do have a really high contacts prescription, but what?

So, I was thinking wow, 1-2 drops, ok! I did 2 drops and mixed it in with my nightly moisturizer. In the morning, I didn’t really notice any color, but I was just thinking it was a gradual thing… any other tanning drops I’ve used had me looking like Trump, so I was a bit relieved.

But a few days later, I was reading the back of the bottle again, and I’m like wait… 4-12 drops! So, I started mixing in 6 drops or so and NOW we are talking!

First of all, the bottle is less than 2 ounces, but it’s going to last forever. Just six drops gave me enough color to match the tan on the rest of my body that I’ve been building all summer.

But, this is a buildable color, so you can use the drop range, PLUS apply it daily if you want. I love how versatile it is.

I have used these with a few different moisturizers and I rub it all over my face and down my neck so everything blends.

The drops also have hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which is perfect for my current skin journey (just really trying to take care of my skin right now).

These are the best tanning drops I’ve tried so far, because the color looks so natural. I am probably going to use this into the winter months — I think a little glow all year looks so good!

What tanning drops have you all tried?

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