Birth order compatibility.

Golden star for the only child!
Golden star for the only child!

I’m always trying to figure out different things that make people compatible — horoscope signs, personality tests, age, family situation — but what about birth order?

Turns out (after Googling), there’s actually a TON of information out there on this! An article in Women’s Day lays out the characteristics of each birth order “type”:

  • Firstborns: Organized, ambitious, and dominant when it comes to relationships
  • Middleborns: Good at compromise, however some can be secretive
  • Lastborns: Less responsible; less likely to take charge
  • Only Children: A lot like firstborns; responsible and mature

Possible matches:

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 11.03.09 AM

Yes, I made this handy chart for your reference. The best matches are Oldest/Oldest, Oldest/Youngest, Middle/Middle, and Only/Middle.

Only children are an interesting breed — I am an only child — and according to the aforementioned article, how only children act in relationships is directly related to what “type” of only child they are. Are they independent and responsible like Older children or are they spoiled and needy?

Depending on the type of Only child you are, that determines your match.

An article from e-Harmony has a little more information about what birth order can offer to your relationship:

  • Firstborn: reliable, no guesswork when it comes to relationship; however, they may need help when it comes to spontaneity.
  • Middle: makes a good romantic partner; willing to work hard for a happy relationship; however, will typically try to avoid conflict.
  • Youngest: Less likely to conform; comes up with creative solutions to problems; may expect others to take care of them.
  • Only Children: dependable; sensitive; seeks perfection.

What do you think? Have you had any experience with birth order matches – do they work?

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