Celeb Crush: Justin Bieber.

I know, I know, everyone hates The Biebs. But I just can’t! Truthfully, when Bieber came on the scene, I wasn’t falling for it — even though he did have a cute face. But then, I went to see “Never Say Never,” the Bieber tour documentary (I love a doc), and it was then that I realized Biebs has talent, and sure, he’s cute.

But now, NOW, he’s growing up a little (still got that boy face) and I must say: DAMN, that boy is fine! People have always given me grief over my Bieber crush, but I pay no mind. I get it, he’s a punk, and sometimes he tries to act like a badass, when we all know he’s not.

But, as with any celeb crush, I try not to let their personal mistakes get in the way of my fantasies. As Augustus Waters says, I’m not really in the business of denying myself pleasure. So, don’t try to convince me that I shouldn’t crush on Bieber. He’s in my heart to stay — you know, along with the slew of other celeb crushes.

Justin Bieber concert.
Justin Bieber concert.

The thing is, none of us know what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight. Considering how much I want to hie under the covers when I get a mean comment on the blog or a salty Letter to the Editor, I would imagine it’s pretty fucking difficult. And if you know anything about most celebrities, chances are, the people around them aren’t great (seriously, watch Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of and tell me you didn’t want to punch a few people).

Really, I’ve always been a fan of pop music. And I love that Biebs has Usher (also a hottie) to provide that slight hip-hop feel to his songs. His tunes are fun to sing and really fun to dance to — stop by the shoe store when they’re playing Roller Coaster and I’m probably dancing across the tile floor.

I had the pleasure of seeing Justin Bieber in concert (within 24 hours, I saw him and John Mayer, best 24 hours of my LIFE) on his “Believe” tour, and it just proved how talented he is. If you dare, check out the video of his entrance. And yes, that’s me screaming. And I was sober.

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