A Review: Ardell Soft Touch Trios.

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The retailer where I work part-time sells all kinds of false lashes. From strip lashes and DIY lash extensions to individuals and even false bottom lashes!

For years, I’ve dabbled in applying false lashes, mostly going for the entire strip, which has only worked for me in the form of a magnetic strip (applied using magnetic eyeliner).

But, when I took Makeup X KA’s makeup class for beginners, she suggested using lash trios — adding two trios to the outer corners of her lashline — and the Ardell Soft Touch Trios are the ones she recommended.

So, I bought a pack to try. I followed Kelli Anne’s instructions as far as application, and although it did take me a few tries to get it right, I did! And I’ve worn them several times.

She didn’t give a specific type of glue — I bought the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with aloe, in clear) — but her method was specific. She put the glue on the lash tray and dipped the band into the glue, let it try enough to become tacky, and then apply.

I already had a lash applicator, which always helps.

These trios are so light, soft, and fluffy! They come in short and medium lengths, and I use one medium-length trio on the very outer corner of each eye and then one short trio right next to it, going inward, for a cat-eye effect.

It looks natural but full. I love this, especially since I’m still wearing my glasses every day, and I feel like they make my eye makeup look smaller.

I still wear my normal lash primer + mascara, applying them before the lashes. In fact, I apply the lashes as the last step in my makeup routine.

While I don’t wear the lashes every day, I have worn each trio many, many times before having to move on to another. Depending on how many trios you wear at once, a pack will last you for a while!

These will definitely be my go-to lashes whenever I need to restock.

Do you wear false lashes of any kind?

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