A Review: MakeupXKA Back to Basics Makeup class!

For my birthday, my mom gifted me a seat in Kelli Anne’s (AKA MAKEUPXKA) Back to Basics virtual makeup class.

She recorded the class last summer, but it’s for sale on her website, where there are several other courses.

I’ve been following Kelli on Instagram for a year, and although I love her makeup tips, I wasn’t sure I “needed” to take her class.

After all, I know how to apply makeup! But, I kept seeing reviews for the class that made me want to take it.

Also, I definitely think I’ve lost a bit of my flare for choosing and applying makeup since I’ve been working from home for nearly 4 years.

So, I was really excited to receive this gift!

I’ve watched the class twice now — once just watching along and taking notes, and another time following along while applying makeup.

What does the Back to Basics class cover?

This class covers the basics of choosing and applying makeup. Kelli talks about how to find the right foundation shade (a huge help!) and concealer shade. She shows you exactly how to contour — and discusses the difference between contour and bronzer.

She also shares tips for getting glowy skin, super plump lips (no needles needed), and combining powder and cream products.

This class is really great for anyone looking to up their makeup game — whether you’re a total beginner or ready to build knowledge. The end look is good for every day, and you could effortlessly glam it up for a night out or a special event.

What did you learn from taking the Back to Basics class?

I learned so much from this class, and I’m still practicing some techniques she shared. The biggest thing I learned was the order Kelli applies products to achieve a glowy look that will last all day.

She also has specific techniques for applying makeup, and she shows step-by-step how she applies every product using a combination of tools.

I also learned how to pick the right foundation shade, which is HUGE! Afterward, I cleaned out my collection of foundations because I had several bottles of the wrong color.

Kelli also showed the lash products she uses and how she applies lash trios, which I never considered until taking the class.

What products did you buy?

The following contains affiliate links, which sends me a small percentage of any sales at no cost to you.

You can purchase the Back to Basics class with a list of products Kelli uses in the class. I didn’t buy anything before watching the class because I wanted to see what products I should buy (I already have a massive makeup collection).

I ended up buying several items, although some of these aren’t necessarily what she mentions in the class:

Would you buy another class from MAKEUPXKA?

Yes! I thought the class was informative and had many valuable tips, especially for the price.

I actually messaged Kelli on Instagram to tell her how much I enjoyed the class, and she was so nice and sent me a voice message back 🙂

She has several other classes on her website, which all have great reviews. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kelli Anne does next!

Have you taken one of her makeup classes yet?

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