‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’: ‘Lindsay’s Choice’.

After last week’s fight, I’m getting the hint that MTV really knows how to leave us hanging… will Lindsay and Panos send someone (or both of the women) home? Let’s see…

Panos and Lindsay meet with Jonitta alone when they arrive at the house and she apologizes to him for the way she acted in the meeting earlier. Jonitta explains everything to Lindsay and then Gabi walks up and apologizes.

Lindsay isn’t really having any of it. When they get to the root of the issue, it’s over a guy and Lindsay doesn’t want anyone in the house to be focused on anything other than the Lohan brand.

Both of the girls are very apologetic now that Lindsay is crying… I don’t know. Then Panos and Lindsay go inside and call everyone in for a meeting.

Lindsay tells the group that they need to have each other’s backs and if a fight breaks out, everyone needs to reach in and stop it. And then she says that Jonitta and Gabi can stay.

The next day, everyone heads to the Beach Club for work. Panos isn’t happy that Gabi and Jonitta got a second chance so he decides to put them on the assignment together. Panos also tells the group that two more hosts are flying in.

Meanwhile, Gabi and Jonitta win over their VIP clients and Lindsay and Panos are relieved. Back at the villa, the roommates are turning on May for not doing her share of the chores. Mike starts YELLING at May, and she starts crying. The yelling continues outside of the van and into the villa.

Brent and Sara are all over each other and I’m super shocked Sara forgave him after what he said, and everything he’s done. I have a feeling this is going to end poorly.

The next day, the two new hosts arrive – Kyle from New York City and Kaila from Las Vegas (she’s been on another MTV show… “The Challenge” I think).

Everyone is called around for a staff meeting and all of the hosts are terrified. Panos assigns the VIPs, and Lindsay arrives. Kaila catches on quickly that Brent is an asshole. The models, who are the VIP guests, arrive and Brent is losing his mind.

Sara is watching from afar and she is getting pissed.

They get into an argument and Panos sees the whole thing. Everyone around them agrees they should not be dating while they are trying to work for Lindsay.

Back at the house, Sara is still upset. Her and Brent start arguing, and his excuse is that he’s slept with “a million women” and doesn’t do relationships. He wants Sara to move out of his room and tells the roommates to help Sara move her stuff.

Instead, Jonitta suggests to move HIS stuff out…so her and Sara drag it out of the room and pile it into another room. He finds out and flips out, yelling at the girls and throwing his stuff everywhere. Once he starts throwing stuff, Sara throws a glass and Jonitta starts opening and spilling all of his hair products.

When the episode ends, Lindsay and Panos are going over a list of names and it sounds like they are trying to figure out who to keep and who to let go. From the looks of it, things aren’t going to slow down any time soon…

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