Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Etsy Shop!

I used to haaaaate Valentine’s Day. As a single person, February 14 only highlighted my loneliness and made me even more jealous of people in love.

Those days feel like a lifetime ago, only because I am so far removed from the world of dating, and my mindset is completely different. Once I stopped dating (and honestly, stopped thinking about it), I had time to heal from all of the heartaches of my past.

As difficult as it is to admit, I don’t feel fully healed — and I don’t know if I ever will be or if I care. Living as a single person for the last five years has served me so well, I don’t know if I will ever have a desire to go on a date again.

I realize this sounds a little crazy, and I’m okay with that, because my experience with men has been mostly traumatic and my single life has felt safe. I’m good with safe.

So now, Valentine’s Day — for me — isn’t about dating or being single. It’s more about candy, all things heart-shaped, and celebrating love of all kinds: family and friendship! And my love for books, Blanche, and blogging 🙂

For a few years, I got lots of joy out of making handmade Valentines using scrapbook supplies and mailing them to friends. While I would still love to do that, it just takes better planning.

This year, I decided to take my celebration to my Etsy shop, because I had a few different kinds of heart-shaped beads that could use some love!

So, I’ve added three new pieces to the shop — a pair of white sunglasses decorated with bright rainbow heart-shaped beads, a single-stranded beaded bracelet that has red heart-shaped beads and clear crystal-shaped beads, and a pair of leopard-print earrings that dangle, but have a stud back!

All of these items are under $20 and I’ve added them into a shop section called “Valentine’s Day”, along with other festive pieces, such as pink and red pom pom earrings, a few red beaded bracelets, and some other pink and purple earring options.

If you have something in mind but don’t see it, shoot me a message on Etsy and I’ll be happy to set up a custom order. Need a bulk order for Galentine’s? I’ll gladly offer a discount!

I’m planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with myself somehow – I’m definitely going to the “Romance Reader’s Special” at my local library. It’s an annual event with pink cupcakes, festive crafts, and a panel of romance authors.

I would also like to bake something for myself… and I’m thinking Peanut Buttery Krispy Rice Squares (recipe from Molly Yeh) if I can get my hands on some vegan marshmallows.

And a good Hallmark Channel movie wouldn’t hurt, right?

I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating the holiday – or if you’re skipping it altogether!

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