‘The Hills’ is baaaaack… for just 1 day!

That's right, she's back for tonight only!
That’s right, she’s back for tonight only!

You’ve probably already heard the news: Lauren Conrad is coming back for the 10th Anniversary of “The Hills” and it airs on MTV TO-NIGHT!! If you’re just now learning this news, then I’m welcoming you to the world of the countdown for this thing to start. I really cannot freaking wait!

I’m not ashamed to say “The Hills” was one of my favorite TV shows, ever. It was the young-adult continuation of “Laguna Beach“, the semi-real life version of “The OC”, and it gave us all a look into life in Hollywood.

Sure, the show lacked real substance, and perhaps that’s exactly what Lauren’s about to tell us tonight; about how the producers set up scenarios for them and texted them what to say, but all of that aside, it was still a fantastic show, and quite genius.

And so, let’s take a look back. I’d like to share with you, in no particular order, my favorite moments from “The Hills”:

The Fight With Jen Bunney

In season 2, Lauren and Brody are kind of… “talking”, and in swoops Jen Bunney like a little skank and hooks up with Brody, which obvi pisses Lauren off. Their fight on Lauren’s couch was quite amazing, but the clip wasn’t on YouTube, so here’s this reenactment, which is pretty close to the real thing.

Ste-Phen Comes to LA

Aw, Stephen.
Aw, Stephen.

In Season 3, Lauren’s old love interest, Stephen, comes back for one episode – a backyard party when Lauren moves into her new house, and another few scenes when he takes her out to dinner. In a way, this episode made me really sad, because it seems like Lauren always liked him so much, but he never really let her in, and I know that feeling all too well.

But, it was almost an episode too good to be true, because it brought part of “Laguna Beach” back, and who doesn’t love that? You can watch the full episode here.

Heidi’s Plastic Surgery

At the start of season 6, Heidi revealed to the world the results of her 10 plastic surgeries, including a breast enhancement, butt lift, nose job, lipo, and back-shaping. She looked like a completely different person, and it made for an interesting few episodes. This was also the season where I’m pretty sure Spencer was playing us all, and was super into crystals (according to his SnapChat, he still is).

When Lauren Chooses Jason… Over Paris

During the season 1 finale, Lauren was tasked with a difficult decision: go to Paris for free with Teen Vogue, or go to a beach house in Malibu with stupid Jason. And MTV really fooled us all, as Lauren was packing her suitcase and driving down the highway looking fashionable, and then she rolls up to the beach house, while Whitney goes to the airport for Paris. As we found out during the season two premier, it wasn’t Lauren’s smartest decision, as the two had a very public-tabloid-filled fight and breakup, in which we saw the aftermath.

Justin Bobby’s ‘Truth and Time’

“The Hills” brought us the gloriousness of Justin Bobby, and truth be told, as disgusting as he was, the joke was on us, because the dude was living it up, hooking up with Audrina, and making money, while we all cringed at his every burp. But who else could deliver his stellar one-liners, a-la, “Truth and time tells all”?

Heidi & Spencer Get Hitched… Again

It seems like Heidi and Spencer’s relationship was on a constant loop; they had a few engagements, plus a few weddings, but finally, they had the big wedding where Lauren came and so did Kristin, and it was the official handoff, when Lauren left the show and Kristin started.

The Series Finale, Original Ending

The final episode of “The Hills” wrapped up everyone’s story, and had us all believing that K-Cav was heading out of the country to find herself, all because it didn’t work out with her and Brody. She goes out to get in her car, and Brody pulls up to say goodbye, and as she drives away, the Hollywood backdrop rolls away to reveal a set, leaving us all to wonder how much of the show was fake.

I loved and hated this ending all at once, but it really encapsulated the genius behind the show, because we still don’t know what was fake or real. The show constantly received ridicule for its high-production value; making it one of the first reality-shows to appear glossy and produced, right down to its near-infamous glares, stares, and one-liners. Unlike other shows, “The Hills” never crossed the 4th wall, and there was the fact that cameras, paparazzi or fans, was not a part of the show at all. Absolutely phenomenal.

And maybe that’s what Lauren is going to reveal tonight?! We’ll see, but I can’t wait. The chances are likely that I’ll be watching clips and videos all day, and probably listening to Natasha Beddingfield with my windows down, pretending I’m in the cast.

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