Pic of the Week.

Look at my sad little Blackberry.
Look at my sad little Blackberry.

For Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a gold iPhone 6. But of course, it’s not just any gold iPhone 6 — it is my first iPhone, ever. Seriously.

For the past… Oh, seven years, I’ve had various Blackberry Curves. And before that, I rocked a Sidekick like a boss.

Truthfully, I started using a Mac in high school when I wrote for the school newspaper (Triangle, where you at?). When I got to college, and started working for their newspaper, they used Macs, too. I pretty much fell in love, bought a MacBook, an iPod, and later, an iPad.

But I could not give up the Crack…Blackberry. After all, crack is whack. Thanks, Whitney.

However, in the last year of having the Blackberry, it just wasn’t jiving well with my career needs. As a blogger, editor, journalist, and digital media guru, I need a mobile device that’s going to handle the crazy amount of emails I get, in order to keep the business alive.

And how am I supposed to claim I’m a social media expert when I don’t have Instagram (I do now, @Orangejulius7), or access to hot new apps?

The iPhone was really not even a luxury, but more of a necessity. Nonetheless, it was beautiful when it arrived on my doorstep in its sleek, white box. And the fingerprint detection? Money. So money.

As of now, I can do basic things on it, I’ve successfully used Siri’s help once, but other than that I feel completely clueless as to how to use the damn thing.

And as an actual phone, like, to call people, it completely sucks. If anyone knows the trick to this, that’d be a tremendous help.

And yes, I know I sound like a complete dinosaur. For the past few years, I’ve really tried top my technology game — I bought a new car, a subscription to Sirius radio, a camera for blogging purposes, and a voice recorder for interviewing accuracy.

But anyone that knows anything is aware that technology is ever-changing, and if you don’t keep up, it’s a long game of catchup to play, right before the new thing comes out.

In any case, I need YOUR help! Give me your iPhone tips, tricks, fun apps, games, cool people to follow on Instagram, and whatever else you think I need to know to survive!


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