Apps I’m obsessed with.

As some of you may know, I only joined the iPhone clan in March. I have yet to fully understand the obsession with these things (I really, really loved my Blackberry), and with the rollout of iOs 9 that completely fucked up my phone, I’m less than impressed. But, there’s a few apps I’m loving […]


Dear Siri…

I’ve been living in Austin for two weeks now, and of course, I don’t know where ANYTHING is. I have to rely completely on Siri to get me anywhere. At first, I was really thankful for Siri. What would I do without her? Use MapQuest? No. So yes, at first, I was so thankful for […]


Pic of the Week.

For Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a gold iPhone 6. But of course, it’s not just any gold iPhone 6 — it is my first iPhone, ever. Seriously. For the past… Oh, seven years, I’ve had various Blackberry Curves. And before that, I rocked a Sidekick like a boss. Truthfully, I started using a […]