Saying Goodbye to my George Clooney Dreams.

I'd love to be a wall in that pool...
I’d love to be a wall in that pool…


I say goodbye to my visions/Of marrying/George Clooney

Okay, so maybe/I wasn’t picking out a white gown/But rather/White sheets/And/Tiny/Under-wires

But still/Drooling over/Your buttoned up/Look/Even though/I’ll take/Buttoned down,/Unbuttoned/… Fuck the buttons

Ah, Clooney/Compared to a classic/Chanel suit/That’ll never go out of style

I remember you in ER/Dr. Ross/And that’s a given/Because everyone wants/A doctor… Ross

But I fell in love/During/One Fine Day/Wanted to take flight/With you/Up in the Air/Hunting chickens/With you,/The Fantastic/Mr. Fox

I envisioned us lasting forever/Well, forever in a sense/That I’ve got Google/And a pair of binoculars/And comfort comes/When I know it’s/Nighttime/In Hollywood/And you know,/Baton Rouge is like/Hollywood/Of the south

I don’t quite know/If I believe in marriage, Clooney/But I do believe in/Forever/And that’s why I believed in/You/Because George Clooney/Does not/Get/Married

Okay, so you’ve done it/Once/But we’re not counting it/George Clooney/Get’s Golden Globes/Dates chicks/Who’ve got/Golden Globes

Clooney/Dates/Divas/Household names

Clooney gets/Quoted in magazines/Saying/“I will never marry again”

Clooney/Is a wax statue/A photo-op/A running joke/A common wish

Clooney looks/Good in a suit/Looks good by the pool/On a private jet/Looks good with gray hair

Clooney/Wears a bowtie/When he goes/Back on his word.

Ah, Clooney/You’re a motorcycle ride/To the sunset/A sip of champagne/I can’t quite afford

A vow/That I just can’t get/Right

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