So, can we have it all?

I feel like I’m constantly going through, what John Mayer would call a “Quarter-life crisis”, when it comes to the state of my life. A few weeks ago, I talked to you guys about settling when it comes to our careers – what’s realistic and what’s… just the sad truth. “Having it all” is not […]


#Goals in 2016

Whoop — first blog of 2016! I thought it would feel more weird writing that number, but I feel like I’ve had my eye on 2016 for awhile now. Perhaps it’s just because a majority of my 2015 totally sucked. But it’s a fresh year, and although I feel like I make New Years goals/resolutions […]


Saying Goodbye to my George Clooney Dreams.

Today, I say goodbye to my visions/Of marrying/George Clooney Okay, so maybe/I wasn’t picking out a white gown/But rather/White sheets/And/Tiny/Under-wires But still/Drooling over/Your buttoned up/Look/Even though/I’ll take/Buttoned down,/Unbuttoned/… Fuck the buttons Ah, Clooney/Compared to a classic/Chanel suit/That’ll never go out of style I remember you in ER/Dr. Ross/And that’s a given/Because everyone wants/A doctor… Ross […]