A Review: Klorane Hair Care.

I went to get my hair cut and colored earlier this week, and it reminded me how far I’ve come in this world of hair care. I used to color my hair from a box, trim it myself, and really never used any products, or paid attention to the hair products I used.

Of course, I didn’t have a budget for haircuts or color or high-end hair products. However, even the things I’m doing now aren’t ridiculously priced and I feel like it’s becoming much easier to get quality products, even from the drugstore.

I recently ran out of a product I’ve really loved using, and I realized I’ve actually used several things from this brand, and it was one my hair stylist recommended: Klorane! Below are the things I’ve tried and also some things I want to try in the future:

Klorane Nourishing Mango Oil Spray

This is the first Klorane product I ever tried, when my stylist sprayed it on my hair before I left. It is the BEST-smelling hair product I’ve ever come across… and it protects your hair from the sun, which is key if you have color-treated hair. Here’s the official product description:

Mango oil spray nourishes and protects hair from the drying and damaging effects of the sun, thanks to its waterproof uv filters. Hair is left feeling supple, silky and beautifully radiant. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free, silicone-free.

I bought it right away and I use this stuff every time I leave my apartment. I always get compliments on the scent and it does a great job of protecting my hair without any other side effects (it’s not sticky or oily, even though it is an oil, it’s a very light mist).

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

I’ve gotten this a few times in my monthly Birchbox and I always save them for when I travel. It’s the best dry shampoo that’s not too drying and doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff. Here’s the product description:

Klorane’s award-winning dry shampoo, with botanically based key ingredients, cleans hair and eliminates oil, dirt and odors without water. The ultra-gentle, organically harvested Oat milk soothes and protects the hair and scalp, while lengthening the time between washes. Corn and rice starches provide a powerful cleansing action. The ultra-fine dry shampoo powder brushes out easily for an invisible finish without leaving a white residue or dulling the hair. Hair has more volume and texture. Perfect for all hair types and safe for the most sensitive scalp.

Klorane Nourishing Shampoo With Mango Butter

This and the conditioner are more gems from my Birchbox! I was really excited when I saw this because I’d already been using the oil spray and the dry shampoo, and when I saw it was the Mango scent, I had to use it immediately. Here is the product description:

Shampoo with mango butter nourishes and hydrates dry, dehydrated hair. It coats hair without weighing it down, while strengthening the hydrolipidic film, which protects the hair shaft. Nourished and protected, the hair is silky, soft, and shiny. Biodegradable formula. Sls-free, paraben-free, silicone-free.

I wouldn’t consider my hair dry, so I was a little worried it might leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy, but it did not! My hair felt so soft, and again, the smell is heavenly!

Klorane Nourishing Conditioner With Mango Butter

This came with the shampoo and I used them together. I only wash my hair about once per week, or every 10 days or so because I have colored red hair which fades and is very sensitive to washing. Technically, this stuff is for dry, damaged hair, and while I wouldn’t consider my hair dry or damaged, I think colored hair needs extra special treatment! Here’s the product description:

A hydration conditioner that brings weightless moisture back to dry hair. The conditioner restructures the hair restoring softness and suppleness and prevents future breakage. Hair is left soft, shiny and detangled without weighing it down. Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free, Biodegradable formula, Vegan.

Klorane Products I Want to Try

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Klorane had skin care or body care products! Here’s a few items I’m adding to my list of things to try:

  • Anti-Fade Shampoo with Pomegranate: Thanks to its exclusive color-enhancing complex and gentle, sulfate-free cleansing base, this anti-fade shampoo protects and prevents color wash-out while providing intense keratin and hair fiber repair. Color is protected, revived and radiant. Hair regains softness and shine. Keeps color as rich as the first day of color for up to 10 washes. Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free Biodegradable formula.
  • Floral Water makeup remover: A three-in-one cleanser, toner, and makeup remover to delicately, and thoroughly remove all traces of makeup from face, eyes, and lips. This multifunctional makeup remover thoroughly cleanses the skin, tones, and removes all traces of makeup.
  • Protective oil with ylang-ylang wax: The protective oil with Ylang-Ylang wax deeply nourishes and protects dry and sun-exposed hair from the damaging effects of the sun, salt, sand and chlorine. Its key ingredient, Ylang-Ylang wax coats the hair by acting as a protective shield. The waterproof formula includes UVA/UVB filters that protect the hair from the sun and against color-fade. Hair is left feeling supple, silky and beautifully radiant. Provides double protection to the hair, with an external UV shield and internal hydration with sustainably sourced Ylang-Ylang wax that coats the hair by acting as shield against sun-exposure. Safe for natural, color-treated and highlighted hair.
  • Soothing and relaxing eye patches: These under-eye patches use soothing cornflower to de-puff the under-eye area.

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