Yes, I’ve been buying from Pratt Daddy Crystals!

Howdy! It’s the last week of the month and my Iceland vacation is officially one month away, so I’m in good spirits.

One of my goals this year was to learn more about crystals, their energies and if any of them would help me in my quest for positivity. I’ve gotten a few various crystals already — just for sitting around my apartment — and I have two different crystals to use on my face as part of my skincare routine.

But, I also have purchased two crystal pendants from Pratt Daddy Crystals, as in Spencer and Heidi Pratt, from MTV’s “The Hills”.

During the last season of the show, Heidi debuted some pretty serious plastic surgery and anywhere Spencer showed up, he was adorned with crystals and often seen pressing one to his forehead or kissing it.

The Pratt home was decorated with giant druzy stones, and shortly after the show ended, so did the Pratt fortune.

Until Spencer created Pratt Daddy Crystals, an online shop dedicated to selling a full-range of crystals for the home and for wearing, and worshipping if that’s your jam.

Here’s the story in Spencer’s words:

Pratt Daddy Crystals was born out of devotion to the most important force in the Universe: healing. After Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt’s wife (and the light of his life), underwent a series of surgeries leaving her in such severe pain that even morphine could not relieve, he vowed to do anything he could to ease her struggle.

Spencer started looking for alternative healing methods that the doctors had not recommended. What he found was Sugilite, a rare purple mineral that emanates peace and beauty. More importantly, it helped Heidi’s pain. She held the crystal as she drifted off and spent her first dream-filled night with no fear of pain or nightmares. The crystals, both Spencer and Heidi agree, were magic.

Buying from Pratt Daddy Crystals

It all seems sort of silly that Spencer, a once-hated man on reality TV is now seeking to heal the world (and make a killing) through natural resources. Eh. If it works, I’m buying it, and that’s what I’ve done.

I made my first purchase a little more than a month ago and went for a Black Tourmaline pendant. According to Pratt Daddy’s energy guide, Black Tourmaline creates a forcefield of positivity around the wearer: You may not call them enemies, but some people just suck the energy out of you. Tip 1: Don’t engage; Tip 2: Carry Black Tourmaline. It will spread its protection around you, creating an energy barrier that keeps negative vibes far from your heart and relieves stress and anxiety. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Let the stone do the rest.

I was so excited to make the purchase, I put the wrong address and immediately emailed customer service. They fixed it right away and I received my necklace wrapped in a metallic gold bubble mailer, and inside was a branded box where the necklace and a branded, black velvet pouch was. I was impressed and have been wearing my Black Tourmaline daily!

I knew I wanted to buy more and jumped when they had a President’s Day Sale. I got a Topaz pendant for more positive energy: Do you struggle to see the good in yourself? No shame. We all do. But you are amazing. And Topaz is here to remind you of that.

This precious jewel will allow you to see yourself more clearly and recognize your inner worth (#priceless). It will also aid you in finding your confidence and creating joy as you work to discover your true self go for your dreams.

I love BOTH of these necklaces and will definitely be purchasing more… they are beautiful and come in a range of prices. Pratt Daddy Crystals also has a rewards program, #EliteDrip where you can earn points and use them toward additional purchases.

Learning More About Crystals

At the end of last year, I bought a book to help me learn about Crystals, their energies, associated rituals, and general care: “The Beginner’s Guide to Crystals” by Lisa Butterworth.

According to the book, Topaz affects the higher crown chakra and can be used for meditation, in the home and for work. It is a truth illuminator that enhances mental clarity.

Black Tourmaline affects the root chakra and offers a powerful sense of protection. It’s helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed or highly emotional and it can protect a home from negative vibes.

I am looking forward to learning more about crystals throughout the year, and continuing my search for quality ones to wear and have in my home.

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