Why I tried online dating.

After that terrible “relationship” with D, I really wanted to try something new as far as dating goes.

And yes, I know online dating isn’t necessarily new, but it was new for me.

I’d never done any type of online dating, whether formal (through a dating service) or informal (through a social media network/game/email, etc).

So, I took a casual poll among the people I knew. What did they think about online dating? Would they ever do it? Did they hear success stories or have any advice to offer me?

I already had it set in my mind that I was going to do it, but leave it to a journalist to gather all sides of the story before diving right in.

And boy, did I hear some interesting things:

  • Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose. Besides, a friend of mine got married after meeting someone online (heard this from almost everyone)
  • It used to be taboo, but now, everyone is doing it
  • At least you get to weed out people beforehand
  • It’s a good idea for you, but not for me
  • You’re young, why are you even worried about dating right now?
  • You go places, you’re at the gym, can’t you just meet people there?
  • Baton Rouge is just a tough town to date in

That’s just a piece of what I heard; and I’m not knocking any of it, but if there’s any single people reading this right now, I know they’ve heard all of this shit before.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re young and beautiful and we “go places” so why online date?

I’ll tell you why.

Because the people we’ve met at these “places” are assholes.

Now that we’re clear, let’s move on.

I decided I was going to join Match.com, mainly because I wanted to try a paid service (thinking maybe it would weed out some guys that just wanted to hook up) and because I like the Match.com commercials (hey, at least I’m honest).

The night before the big day, I gathered up all the photos I wanted to use for my profile.

I thought about all of the online dating “tips” I heard before—don’t have too many animal pics, no duck-faces, nothing too slutty. I felt like I had a good range of pictures that would show my personality, as well as my appearance.

The next day, I signed up for my next dating adventure I like to call “30 Days of Match.com”…

Stay tuned!

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