Many thanks.

Before I go back to normal blog business, I wanted a chance to really thank you all for reading my entire 19-part series, How I Fell.

During the month of August, when I was posting the series, 5,987 of you visited this blog. That blew July’s numbers out of the water—218.

But that’s not why I wrote the series, and it’s not why I write in general.

Writing has been dear to my heart since I was 16, and perhaps before then, when my opinions were still forming. I feel like I always have stories to tell; even the ugly ones, like those I shared in the series.

Stories like those aren’t always welcomed on front porches.

But they are relatable, and although they’re not always pretty, they’re raw.

While some of you reached out to me in the comments section of this blog, many of you chose to message me in private. I cannot explain to you just how touching those messages were. I want to share some of them, anonymously, with you here:

  • I can barely see the screen through the tears but I just want to second what I am certain all your friends and parents told you, you are AMAZING and deserve someone that can measure up to that.
  • Loved your blog, my heart broke for you to find out he was a cheater in addition to having a drinking problem.
  • Damn! Just caught up and finished your blog. Amazing ending. It really made me feel better about the crappy relationship I just went through! Thank you. You’re awesome…keep on rockin!
  • Dudes don’t do laundry. At least they shouldn’t be as dedicated to it as that guy. Great writing, wish it wasn’t true.
  • hey girl. love your blog. you put up with a LOT! and lots of red flags. love reading about the BS he put you through.. that’s horrible I knw…
  • just can’t get over this. It boggles my mind that someone could do such horrific things to a gorgeous, smart, funny, CATCH! What a moron. The good news is, you probably won’t take any shit from anyone in the future
  • Your story was wonderful! It is so much like what I have been through. Amazing how we see the signs afterwards, huh?
  • Just got thru reading all 19 installments of what should have been titled “D is for Dick” and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed!
  • That last bit was nuts. I just don’t get it. Of course, you never really know what’s going on in the mind of someone like that.
  • Anyway, thanks for shedding some light on the topic. I’m proud of you for not taking it down. Awesome writing as usual.
  • 1. Good for you. I hate that guy. 2. That was by far the single best ending to a story ever. Isn’t it amazing how real life can be so poetic?
  • I feel like even I needed closure after all of that. And there it was. In the form of yet another passive aggressive text.

Those were just a few of many messages I received, and it made my (already fun) job as a blogger that much easier.

While I may never know the details about what happened to D, I don’t really care. Because this isn’t, and was never, a story about him.

It was a story about me, and my journey as a woman, just trying to find good, honest love.

Thank you for joining me on my journey; there’s many more adventures to come and I cannot wait to share them with you.

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