Celeb Crush: Ryan Sheckler.

Skater boy Ryan Sheckler, still lookin' fine.
Skater boy Ryan Sheckler, still lookin’ fine.

I’m glad I live in a world where I am allowed to have my own blog, and on that blog, I can confess my love for men that are barely of-age to be called that.

Because my latest celeb crush is Ryan Sheckler.

I use the term “latest” loosely, as I’ve had a crush on Mr. Sheckler since his show, “Life of Ryan” premiered in 2007. I’d be lying a little if I didn’t say he was on my back burner, until I got a freelance gig writing for a skating apparel website.

Impressively, he started skateboarding at just 18 months old (and HOW), and has since (he’s 24 now) dominated in the skating world, being named one of the fifteen most influential skateboarders of all time by Fox Weekly.

He was a co-founder of Almost (a skateboarding company), and helped launch Plan B, a skateboard deck and apparel company. He has several top-notch sponsors, including Red Bull, Etnies, Oakley, Nixon, and Grizzly, just to name a few.

He’s also a fixture in several skateboarding video games.

As far as competitions go, Sheckler has been competing since 2002, winning several first place trophies at the Gravity Games, Slam City Jam, Vans Triple Crown, World Cup of Skating, AST Dew Tour, Globe World Cup, and X-Games, among others.

And on top of all of those successes, he’s still fine as hell, and it’s guys like him that are helping me to realize that maybe there is a little something sexy about a guy with tattoos. I can’t label Sheckler as a “Bad Boy,” because he still seems just way too innocent for that.

To prove my point, let’s just revisit “Life of Ryan,” even though he does have a new show, “Sheckler Sessions.” …And yes, I had to keep the shirtless theme going.

Click the pic to see an episode of MTV's "Life of Ryan"
Click the pic to see an episode of MTV’s “Life of Ryan”

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