It’s Pub Day: ‘Neon Highway’ is Here!

It’s official: my second novel, “Neon Highway” is out there, in the wild!

I wrote this book entirely during November 2021, edited it, and published it all on my own. I also designed the cover. Here’s the scoop:

Charlie Hodge won big after a risky road trip, and now he’s back in Wander, South Dakota, being the “Truck Stop Tattoo Artist,” but he’s possibly ready for his next adventure. When his coworker presents an opportunity on the other side of the country, he’s got a lot to consider.

For one second, it seems like everything is falling perfectly into place, but then someone special enters Charlie’s life and changes things forever. What’s next for Charlie and his small town crew? Join them on the Neon Highway with another installment of “Oil & Ink.”

The book is available digitally or in print form, here.

I’m so excited for readers to revisit characters from my first book, and meet some new ones!

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