Oil and ink fiction novel

It’s Pub Day: ‘Oil & Ink’ is here!

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It’s official: my first novel, “Oil & Ink” is out there, in the wild!

I wrote this book entirely during November 2020, edited it, and published it all on my own. I also designed the cover. Here’s the scoop:

Charlie Hodge is a Tattoo Artist in Wander, South Dakota. He does his work out of a truck stop — Tucker’s Oil — mostly known for its snack selection and its location. Tucker’s is a stop on the way to bucket list adventures for families and college kids, and while it’s a decent gig, Charlie has bigger dreams.

So, when he sees the opportunity to win mega prize money by entering a tattoo competition across the country, he finds a way to enter. What’s he got to lose? What will happen to Tucker’s Oil? Join this unique adventure and rediscover the combination of small-town joys and big dreams.

Currently, the book is available digitally. I’ll likely create a paperback version in the future, so if that’s your jam, stay tuned.

I’m so excited for readers to meet my characters, Charlie and Sara, and take them on a journey to Wander, South Dakota, to Tucker’s Oil: Home of the Truck Stop Tattoo!

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