My New Book is Almost Here!

I have quietly been dropping clues on my social media accounts, to friends and family, and maybe even here — that I have a new book coming out!

But today, I’m making it official and putting it into the universe: my next book will be available Oct.31, 2022!

I am putting this out there for 1. because I still have to finish writing it (did that make you sweat because it did for me), and 2. so I can start marketing it and get people excited to read it!!

I started writing this book over a year ago, and the process for writing it has been so much different than my other two novels, which I wrote during #NaNoWriMo (in 30 days’ time for each book).

This one is also a bit darker than my previous novels, but it’s still very much a story I’m excited to put into the world.

Here’s a bit about the book:

Savannah Troy has a life envied by many: a handsome and supportive husband, a sweet and fun daughter, and a blossoming career as a social media influencer.

But as her online popularity grows, she seeks a different kind of attention. As a result, she files for divorce, determined to live the life she was destined for — not the one society has planned.

She quickly finds love in Nolan, a successful startup founder and CEO, who’s younger, childless, and ready to travel the world with Savannah at his side.

Online, Savannah appears giddy and madly in love, but her thousands of followers see something behind the facade. What’s she hiding? What’s Nolan’s motive? Only time (or a gang of online sleuths) will tell.

I have always been intrigued by social media influencers and what their lives are actually like. This story combines that curiosity with my knowledge of startups (having worked at a few of them over the years)!

Now, let’s get to the book cover:

There it is!

I made the cover myself and am so proud of how it turned out. I create all of my book covers, but this one is very different from the others, and I love how there’s a level of mystery present.

Be on the lookout for links to order the book on Oct. 31 — it will be available in print and digitally.

Thank you all for reading here and supporting my work. It truly means so much 🙂

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