A Review: Olive & June Press-on Nails.

I am so excited to share a review on the Olive & June Press-on Nails!

Don’t make fun of me, but this is my first time trying ANYTHING from this brand. I know…

I haven’t heard anything bad about Olive & June, but I have so many nail polish bottles and I really don’t need any more 🙂

But, when someone I follow on Instagram posted about trying the Olive & June “Instant Manicure” and how much she loved it, I was interested.

Then, I got a gift card AND a coupon for Target — which sells Olive & June products — so, game on.

I got two different sets of press-on nails: one short length and one medium length, but both solid colors and in an almond shape. They have several options as far as nail shape, and there are some with designs or patterns.

I also bought a cuticle pusher and some “snack time” nail stickers, which are all the food and drink emojis!

I tested out the first press-on set when I went to New York.

I was really pumped to try it because I’m such an Impress Manicure gal (by Kiss) and I wanted to see how these compared.

Well, the Impress Manicures are glue-free, and the Olive & June press-ons involve nail glue, which I pretty much hate — more on this in a bit.

My first thoughts were about the packaging. The Olive & June set comes in a cute, round plastic container and most of the nails are laid out by size, which makes it easy to select the ones that are right for you.

There’s also a separate plastic case inside that can hold the remaining nails, clue, and the little nail file for safe-keeping while you wear your set. This came in handy for traveling.

However, the packaging is likely where most of the price is going. An Olive & June set is $10, where an Impress pack is between $5-8; sometimes the nails with elaborate designs are $9, but the packaging is much simpler.

The Olive & June set does have good directions and even tips on applying the nail glue for the hold you’re looking for. That doesn’t mean I did it right, but the reference material is solid.

I loved the color, shape, and overall look of the nails, but several of them popped right off within a few days of wear.

I packed spare nails and glue with me on my trip, so I easily could replace them, but I hated having a bare nail while I was out (before I could get back to the hotel to glue).

The length is also something to consider because the “short” nails were pretty long. I liked them, but they were almost too long for me to get my contacts in and out of my eye.

My final consensus is that these aren’t any different than classic press-ons. The color and design options are fun and more modern, but if you hate using nail glue, don’t get these.

I still have my other set and am going to give it a fair go — maybe I’ll get the hang of the glue the more I try it.

For $10, it’s a good-looking manicure once you get past the glue. They’re good for travel, especially if you’re going to an event or on a vacation.

I remain an Impress Manicure STAN, but trying the Olive & June press-ons inspired me to try other lengths and shapes of the Kiss nails, which DO require glue. I’m gonna try (and I’ll report back)!

This beauty review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers! 


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