I watched ‘Somebody Somewhere.’

Today is kitty Blanche’s birthday, so of course, I took the day off work and we are spending the day playing and getting stoned on catnip 🙂 But, she’s taking a nap right now, so I figured I’d fill you in on my latest TV binge.

I watched the entire season of “Somebody Somewhere” on HBO Max last weekend!

I saw the preview for the show about a week before it started in January, and knew I wanted to check it out. I love Bridget Everett, so I knew it would be good.

I let the weekly episodes rack up on my DVR, and then watched them all in a day — they’re just 30 minute episodes.

But, this is a story set in a small town in Kansas, where Sam (Everett) grew up. She moved back to care for a terminally ill sibling, who then passed away before the start of the show.

Still, Sam lives in her sibling’s home, sleeping on the couch, and generally trying to figure out the direction of her adult life as she tries to avoid family and hometown drama.

She meets an old classmate at her job, and together they navigate how to enjoy life within the confines of troubled pasts, relationships, and societal standards.

I found this show so enjoyable! It was funny, but also very sweet. I enjoyed the bits of Sam dealing with grief and seeing her friend try and live his dreams in their small town.

I am such a sucker for these types of stories because they’re so relatable.

I heard it’s getting a season two and I’m so excited!

Have you watched it?

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