A Review: Georgette Klinger Lavender Facial Mist.

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I was on vacation last week — although the blogs kept going — and no matter how hard I try, the skin routine is always off during vacation, right?

I have been on a skin journey trying to get rid of some redness, irritation, and acne on my cheeks, and while it is mostly gone, I do still have to keep up my routine! I brought all of my products with my on my trip, but after a day of fried fish and margaritas, I can’t say I was perfect about it.

But, this Georgette Klinger Lavender Facial Mist has been one of my favorite products lately. First, I should say that I have gotten several Georgette Klinger products in my Birchbox over the years, including toner and face wash — and I always love it.

However, this facial mist is my top GK product so far! This spray actually smells like lavender (I feel like lots of these sprays say they have x, y, and z… but you can never smell it). There’s also ginseng and aloe vera in it, so it’s all around truly hydrating.

I use a facial mist daily — and have been for years — and I usually use it after my toner before any serums and moisturizer. However, you can use it as a refresher throughout the day, or to set your makeup.

I should also note that the packaging on this is a winner, too. It has a very large, even mister — which is important for a facial mist!

There’s also a Gardenia facial mist and a Coconut one, which sounds like something I need. What is your favorite facial mist?

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