2021 Goal Check-in.

Okay, we’re more than halfway through the month, but I felt like it was time for me to revisit my goals for the year. I went into 2021 knowing that life wouldn’t be back to normal, but I was certainly hoping for a much different scenario than what’s happening (I’m back in quarantine since COVID is so bad in Texas).

I honestly have had so much anxiety about going back into lockdown that I figured I needed to refocus and revisit my goals because I set them with the idea that I could accomplish them without leaving the house or the city, etc.

So, I’m going to re-list the goals and my original thoughts on them, then I’ll add the update.


CREATE is my word for 2020 and I have a lot of goals surrounding this word. I was really, really inspired by #NaNoWriMo in 2020 and I realized that I don’t have a limited number of ideas. Actually creating and taking one of my ideas and turning into something doesn’t mean I have one less idea, I actually have a dozen more!

Generally speaking, my goal is to focus on creating instead of focusing on obtaining or consuming. By CREATE, I also mean participate, publish, update, finish, manifest, write, publish…

Update: I have definitely been creating this year. I wrote my first teleplay, published a book, and am currently working on a new novel. I have also been posting a monthly YouTube video that recaps all the books I read that month.


I wrote this down in my journal and I’m going with it. In 2020, I jumped on the Billie wagon and I am here to stay. I think she’s a badass, without trying to be cool. She created an award-winning album in her bedroom. Literally. She does the work. Seems real (I don’t know her personally). Doesn’t get caught up in bullshit. Carrying this energy with me this year.

Update: Okay.. I definitely need to work on this. I get really swept up in my emotions from day-to-day and it affects my ability to get things done. I know sometimes this is going to happen, but I feel I need to do a better job of coping with stress in a healthier way.


I have struggled so much with anxiety lately, and I am really working on different ways to help myself. One of these ways is to incorporate positive affirmations into my meditations and into my day.

Update: For MONTHS, I was really great at journaling every single day and including positive affirmations in my journal. But, I’ve been skipping my journal sessions lately (I’m not sure why) and I definitely need to get back to it.


I had a similar goal last year, but obviously it was a tough year and I’m giving myself grace. For me, physical health helps with my mental health, and I’m looking forward to getting back into a good routine for both. I did add lots of supplements and vitamins into my day last year and am bringing those into the New Year. I also made a space in my apartment for my at-home workouts (the studios where I took dance and yoga offer Zoom classes) and evaluated my at-home gym equipment. Last year, I bought a ball and sliders for barre classes, and yesterday I ordered a set of weights, so now I have everything I need!

For a healthy mind, I am working on getting back into my daily meditations. I am also working on focusing on the present. And, I am exploring other medications with my doctor. Time to get it right!

Update: I’ve done an okay job with this — I’ve been much better about taking my daily vitamins and getting in a yoga session 2-3 times per week. I’ll be doing virtual yoga classes this week (until further notice, I guess) and will probably get back to the pandemic walks – ha! I need to get back to meditating, that’s for sure!


This should not be taken at face value. By discover new places, I mean, discover new places through reading diverse books, by getting takeout at new-to-me restaurants, by taking a drive, by being open to messages from the universe, by exploring new hobbies, by growing.

Update: I love this goal, and I’ve definitely been reading diverse books and trying out some new restaurants. But, I could stand to do some more universe listening, and possibly exploring new hobbies.

Where are you at with your 2021 goals?

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